Hi mummies,
i am a 23yo single mother w/ a 6yo son. i wanted to rent a flat from HDB as it's cheaper. i have read some forums and the results are really sad because mummies like us are unable to get helps like those legally married couples. is there anything i can do to get HDB to approve my application? Do i need to find MP like what other mummies does? pls help me! im really lost. i am currently staying with my mother and my sisters but my mother has been telling to get out of the house as it shame her and she mentioned that HER house is full of woman (no brother&father) and my son is growing up. can you all imagine? 6 years! 6 years of stresses, scoldings, asking for money etc etc... She chased me more than 7 times during my pregnancy until now. If not for my sisters who keep helping me to talk to my mother. i am basically homeless since 2007. Her temper is always changing. i dont know when is the next time im going to see all my clothes lying at the door and lock change. it took me alot of courage to post this thread. Pls help me!