If you are looking for an office space that is for rent, it is important to take into account various factors to avoid regrets. Your purpose for the office plays an important role when choosing an office space that is for rental. There are many dealers in office spaces to choose from and this is one major factor that will bring you confusion. You need the help of an Regus office space Singapore agent who can make your search hassle free. They are in a position to identify various office spaces that are for rental and at how much. Before consulting them, you need to put the following in your mind.

Space Factor

The office space that you are about to rent should cater for every employee you expect to do business with you. If you want to start your own consultancy, a single room that has a waiting area for your visitors is enough. What about when you have ten plus employees? You will need to do your own math to know which size can accommodate everyone without any congestion. If you are not sure, dontít apply guesswork when office space Singapore experts can accurately recommend the actual size of office spaces that suits your business.

Price Factor

The office space Singapore agents will provide you with a wide range of available rooms. Not all of them will cost the same. You need to rent an office space that is within your budget. You canít pay rent that is more than what your business earns.


This is another every important factor when looking for office space Singapore since it will either make or break your business. You canít start a business where you can hardly find a client. For example, can you rent an office space for gynecology services in a mining area where most workers are men?

Take above seriously and your business will succeed.