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Latest Frameless Doors System: Design Solutions for protecting Home Balcony, Patio, Room Dividers, Home Office, Office Partition and more!

The design now come with more applications solutions and convenience for Residential and Commercial!
The latest design doors system for frameless doors solutions to protect your properties and enjoy the green of your Living Room/Halls like a balcony in a comfortable environment of your choice!

Frameless Doors can be suggest for Living Room and balcony areas, as these days more projects by developers built apartments that comes with balconies.

Frameless Doors enable users with different quality of life while enjoying the green environment in a reduced noise, dusts and wet weather whenever users needed.

Flying Door Designs

The magical designs of door within a door system, as the Flying Door flip in and out, it seem the door is floating in the air.We are able to design and build the Flying Door within the Frameless Door without Frame. This is a breakthrough of ID (Interior Designers) concepts and imagination to a new level of Open Concepts designs and Space Planning.
Flying Door Designs are excellent for applying at indoor for space management and outdoor, such as between the living room and baclony or gardens and pool.


Home Living Room and Kitchen, Open Concept design.

Offices, temporary meeting room or staffs/project working areas (Frameless Door can be design to enclose the area)
Restaurant F & B, better usage of space transform the space into function hall
There many possibilities with Frameless Door System and Fly Door.
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Flying Door
application at Indoor Kitchen And Living Room.
When Frameless Door are in Full Close Position, Folding Flying Door can be Easily Opened and Closed to Access Kitchen and Living Room while Cooking.
Instead of a Frame Door installed, Frameless Door with Flying Door Designs Assist Interior Designers and Home Owners to Achieve their Desire Designs and Dream Open Concept Kitchen and Living Hall.

Indoor Kitchen And Living Room, Side View of Frameless Door with Folding Flying Door Open for Access Kitchen and Living Room

Enjoy the True Living Room Open Concept with Outside High Floor Full View. Now the Living Room is much More Brighter Harvesting More Natural Lights with Balcony. Frameless Door with Folding Flying Door Design in Closed Position.

Frameless Door with Folding Flying Door Designs in Full Open Position with Balcony View

Flying Door
to access outdoor. Be it Rainy Day or Air Conditioning the Hall, Continue to Enjoy the Comfort of Indoor Living Room with Spectacular View Outside. Frameless Door with Flying Door Designs. With Frameless Door in Closed Position for Easy Access when Needed

Frameless Door with Flying Door Designs. Flying Door can be Open for Easy Access to Balcony or Outdoor Area when Needed. Flying Door in Open Position.

Multi-Purposes applications spaces for Home Owners and Business Owners

Indoor: Inside the house
Frameless Doors can give more offers and benefits to users in the house.
Frameless Doors can be use as room dividers or partition spaces hence sub-divide spaces for different purposes:
Home Office
Powder Room
Children Playing Area
Study/Reading Area
and more……

With multi-purpose functions of Frameless Doors, it is excellent usage for Boutique retailers, Hotels, F&B (such as restaurant, PUB…etc), owners can reduce the outside terrace areas from getting wet during weather conditions when rains strike.
The customers can also enjoy the comfortable of having the outdoor feels.

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