Hi all I'm posting this on behalf of a friend:

A close friend who is currently putting up at the spare room of my place is looking for a new room to rent. As we need our spare bedroom back, we are helping her to look for a new landlord.

She is a single lady with a west highland terrier dog. The dog doesn't bark at people, only for less than a minute when her owner comes home. Dog is well-groomed, toilet-trained and kept clean. Her dog can also be kept in her room the whole day and won't bark. This breed of dog also does not heavily shed fur.

Cooking will be done but she cleans up properly after that. No air con needed. A mattress will be good enough if the room is not furnished.

We are not seeking agents as she cannot afford to pay commission and is unable to pay a deposit. However, she pays her rent promptly. Never have we once ever needed to ask her for it.

Her budget is $500.

If anyone has a spare room to rent out please let me know asap as this is quite urgent.