Some information on the LG baby playmat:
The LG Baby Bumper Playmat has been carefully designed to give a designated baby-safe area for babies, toddlers and young children. A great mat where babies, toddlers and young children can play, eat, learn (through the characters, numbers or alphabets printed on the mats) and even sleep on. Parents can also use it to change their child or even do their yoga or exercise on it.

Properties of LG Baby Bumper Playmat:
-- non-toxic and cushioned with at least 10mm which helps to prevent injury to head, knee and face while babies toddler / crawl around.
-- hassle free maintenance as only need to wipe clean with either clean water or mild baby cleaner
-- vibrant & bright colours & characters that will attract babies attention and baby can also learn through the characters, numbers and alphabets printed on both sides of the playmats
-- all sides embossed with reversible design.
-- passed the strict chemical stability tests of the world's most prestigious certification organisation (SGS). This product is safe for use even by children with sensitive skin.
-- dust-mite free & great for children with ashma
-- various dimensions available and some are equivalent to size of a queen size bed

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