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how to study smart
how to study for exams
how to study effectively
how to study well
- study tips and secrets to effective studying

7 Secrets to Studying

2 most important factors are motivation and effective study plans

1) No Excuses - Make Studying a habit worth having

i) Setup a Winning Schedule
ii) Develop Strong, Effective Study Habits

2) Create the Right Study Environment

i) Avoid all Distractions
ii) dont't Procrastinate
iii) Location to Study
iv) Have a Right Study Environment
very) Remove Wrong Study Environment

3) Maximize your Time

i) Take Study Breaks
ii) find Peak Performance Time

4) Use Study Aids to Your Advantage

i) Score and do correctly in study aids

5) Use Memorization Tools

i) Associative Memory Technique
ii) Acrostics
iii) Acronyms
iv) Rhymes
very) Imaging Techniques
vi) Recitation
vii) Interest
viii) Repetition

6) Visual Your Success and Tame your Fears

i) Jitters are normal

7) dont't cram the Night Before

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Study Technique

Learn More, Study Less: The Video Course