Past Year Paper can be expensive!! A Batch of a Prominent School Papers can cost up to $200 to $300 and MORE!!! They are heavy as well but WE HAVE E-LEARNING!!

Here in Trust Tutor, We have free past year papers for you!!

In order to get Free E-learning Account,
-> You have to get a tutor from us (We teaches from K1 and K2 to JC)

We, Trust Tutor, have many tutors that are qualified. From 'A' level/Diploma to Masters, we have them all.

The Benefit of getting a tutor from us:
- Managed by experienced Tuition Company - Trust Tutor, who has been in this line for past 14 years.
- Get up to 20% discount for EPB assessment books.
- Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with a shopping voucher.
- Get a Free E-Learning/Assessment Account. Public Rate is $49.90/monthly.
- We have many tutors; we can quickly find a replacement for if you are not comfortable with the tutor
- More than 138 courses for you to choose from

Interested? Contact me: Apple @ 85330419/
Please State:
1. Your budget per month
(Price is Negotiable)
2. Your location
3. The subjects to be taught (can be more than 1)
4. Minimum qualification (Diploma/A'lvl/Pre-graduate/Degree/Masters) *do note that more experienced, would cost slightly more
5. MOE/NIE registed teacher/none
6. Preferred gender/any
7. Preferred race/any