We are introducing a You’re Empowered! workshop specially designed to help teenagers aged 15 – 18 to find their place in the working world. Results alone will not help you make a decision about what course to take after graduation.

Workshop consists of:
1) Understand Yourself - Take the researched based Gallup Strength Finder (Tom Rath, 2007) to find out what jobs suit you
2) Knowing the jobs - Learn about different jobs and their current trends in the market today
3) Learning life skills - Equip yourself with life skills by role-playing work scenarios commonly faced by employees today
4) Sneak preview - Provide students with an opportunity to learn more about their selected careers through job shadowing, an interactive talk or hands-on course

Benefits for your child:
- Get to know your strengths & passion
- Get a list of recommended jobs that play to your strengths
- Get first hand information about the job you're interested in
- Get the chance to try out a job
- Get to learn life skills that will increase your employability
- Increase your self motivation

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