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Autism:teenage years and beyond

This is a discussion on Autism:teenage years and beyond within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hello parents, I'm very new here. Im not married nor have any kids. I am a job trainer, specialized in ...

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    Autism:teenage years and beyond

    Hello parents,
    I'm very new here. Im not married nor have any kids. I am a job trainer, specialized in working with teenagers diagnosed with autism as young as 13 up till 18 yrs of age. Most are low functioning.Throughout the few years, ive taught these young adults vocational subject and preparing them for employment skills.Such includes basic academic skills,soft skills,hard skills,fine motor skills and also work habits.To me, it's a pleasure to work with these kids be it those with poor sensory issues to the non verbal ones and its a greater satisfaction to know that they are applying what they have learnt at home to help with the housework as well.because end in mind, I want them to be somebody and able to provide for themselves . I do have encounters where parents break down and cry regarding their child's condition and it breaks my heart,putting myself in their shoes and understanding their situation.
    I truly salute the parents for the patience, dedications,commitments and all the nurturing.
    You guys are like the ultimate warrior.dont give up okay!
    We all know that there is no cure for autism.its not a disease.all you need is to provide the correct structures,routines and clarity.
    And continue to embrace them for who they are.
    If you do have any questions, feel free to ask okay.hope I can help
    Last edited by Cacabelle; 15-11-2013 at 12:40 AM.

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    Re: Autism:teenage years and beyond

    Hello Cacabelle first of all i would like to thank you for providing such training to such autistic children and helping them in learning many things which can be learned from different vocational training which we are providing. Really a great work being accomplished by you.

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    Re: Autism:teenage years and beyond

    Justsomething to share: My son was diagnosed with ASD last year. We had no priorfamily history(from both sides) with children or any1 with this disorder.Relatives who do not understand looked at him in a ver different way. Could notfollow all the instructions in the Childcare Centre that he attend. I wasreally upset and did not know how to cope at time. He throw tantrums also.Doctor refer him for therapy sessions and he was eventually referred to EIPICat THK this February. Condition did not improve drastically. Until 3 monthsback, my sister In law's friend recommended me to try out on Essential oil, and after 3months , we (myself, sister In law, brother in law, and even my mum who is taking care of him) feelsthat his communication skills improve a lot. He is able to sit still for alonger period of time. This makes me certain that his condition can furtherimprove if i persist. Any1 who is interested to try, can PM me.

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