I have written a few picture books for children and their families to increase the awareness of children's disabilities in Singapore. I am a paediatric physio who has worked in a few different countries, and I feel sad that our local children with disabilities are not seen out in the community and are not as well understood or accepted by the community as much as the children with disabilities overseas.

Picture book 1 was written because siblings of children with disabilities may sometimes be overlooked as the child with special needs receives more attention and care. The stories in the books teach children the words to describe their feelings. This helps them to manage those feelings instead of misbehaving just to get your attention. Through the stories, children will also learn more about the different disabilities.

The picture books 2-4 are part of a series of books to teach children and their families more about disabilities in simple, easy to understand language for children from 7 years and above. It presents in story form the perspective of a child who has a sibling with a disability. Young children can read the picture books together with their parents to stimulate discussions about disabilities. The picture books make it easy for parents to read the stories together with their young children. Reading a book together is a good way for parents and their children to bond and spend time together.

It is recommended that the picture books be used with the parent guide. The parent guide contains practical advice for parents to create a nurturing environment within the family so that all the children at home, both with and without disabilities, will feel equally loved.

Complete set:
Book 1: My feelings on having a sibling with a disability - illustrated
Book 2: Tori with Down syndrome - illustrated
Book 3: Mike with Autistic Spectrum Disorder - illustrated
Book 4: Josh with Cerebral Palsy - illustrated
Book 5: Parent guide: I need LOVE too!

The books can be bought separately at $6.99 each or a full set of 5 books at $32 ($3 discount) on-line on DNR website.
The pictures of the books and a short write up are on the DNR website. Books For Soul
Parents can also contact me at jangemL@yahoo.com if they have any questions about the books.

I really hope to be able to increase the awareness of children's disabilities in Singapore through these books, and I believe it will make Singapore a more compassionate country if we start the exposure of disabilities to young children.

I have given a few sets to the rehab dept of VWO eipic centres and to the rehab dept of KK hospital, so some of you may be able to view hard copies of those books.
Thanks, Jan