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EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll

This is a discussion on EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; As a mum of a 3yo boy, the biggest dilemma comes not when he is diagnosed with mild ASD, it's ...

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    EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll

    As a mum of a 3yo boy, the biggest dilemma comes not when he is diagnosed with mild ASD, it's actually worst when it comes down to us having to make a decision on whether to enroll him into an EIPIC centre and be branded as an autistic kid forever.

    Not that me and my hubby is in denial, but with the motion of going thru assessments that we feel that are sketchy and subjective, are we really equipped with the rightful info to make the decision... Anyone share the same concern?

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    Re: EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll

    Once labelled autistic, can autistic people succeed at work?
    Probing Question: Can autistic people succeed at work?

    Is early intervention important?
    Is Early Intervention Important for Children with Autism? - Early Intervention and Autism

    It makes sense to treat an autistic child as early as possible. The reasons .... they're simple common sense. Preschoolers have no other obligations, so their whole day can be devoted to therapy (as opposed to academics). Two-year-olds have few ingrained habits, so it's relatively easy to stop negative behaviors before they become intractable.

    How well does such therapy work? That depends upon the child. As each individual child has his own profile, abilities, and challenges, each child will have his own outcomes. But even a little progress is far better than none, especially when that progress comes in the form of new communication skills that allow a child to express his desires and needs.

    Pathlight School
    Eden School
    Integrated Child Care Programme - children with special needs who are aged 2 to 6 to learn alongside with regular peers.
    Angelman Syndrome Rare Genetic - deletion of Chromosome 15

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    Re: EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll

    Hi there

    Have you heard of sensory processing disorder (SPD) or sensory integration disorder?

    If your child is somewhat alright (like regular kid) at times but has unusual responses, he may have SPD. Most children with ASD have a bit of sensory processing difficulties. The only difference is children who have SPD, are clinically more sociable even if they are awkward.

    If you suspect your child has SPD, not ASD, then enrolling in private OT should help a lot. OTs at VWOs focus mainly on self-help skills or fine-motor.

    Before you go for formal diagnosis, pls make sure your child's insurance is in order. I heard from many parents, incl some who are insurance agents, that many insurers do not insure kids with ASD, not even for unrelated conditions such as heart, etc.

    My centre takes in children with SPD and learning difficulties. Will send you a PM later.


    BTW I have a student with mild & high functioning ASD (4 yr old with limited speech, quite withdrawn & self-talk, few tantrums, able to recognize the alphabet & number) enrolled in Moral EIPIC (woodlands). It is quite alright. If the child has moderate ASD, then it's best to go for ARC or AAS. If he has a lot of learning issues (no speech & can't recognize most of the alphabet at 4 yr), then only Rainbow centre can offer daily lessons. Hope this helps.
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    Re: EIPIC: To enroll or not to enroll

    before you go for the tests and diagnosis..pls insure your child first. Coz once the diagnosis is made, it is impossible to buy life insurance or even health insurance..

    eipic is good, teaches them life skills, social skills, verbal, motor skills, social skills..do go, its good for the child

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