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Financial Assistance

This is a discussion on Financial Assistance within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Financial Assistance List of help from govt bodies, mainly for those low income. Some cap at $500/capita, some much lower....

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    Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance

    List of help from govt bodies, mainly for those low income. Some cap at $500/capita, some much lower.
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    Re: Financial Assistance

    CDC comcare - PM to mayors: Serve with all your heart

    CDAC - More lower-income families to benefit from CDAC
    TODAYonline | Singapore | CDAC to benefit more this year
    provides free tuition for low income

    MCYS - Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

    Feiyue - Fei Yue Community Services - FSC

    2011 budget http://www.singaporebudget.gov.sg/bu...011/pd.html#s3

    CEL - http://www.cel.sg/Schemes__Special-Assistance-Fund.aspx

    To apply subsidy .... get money from govt pocket, you need to be thick skinned and no feeling. Some social workers can make you really depressed and frustrated. Some dont offer kind words, not flexible, unwilling to offer other resources and direct you to other support....

    Hospitals and special schools and mainstream - need to meet criteria
    They give subsidy based on household income - different tiers. School - free brand new uniform and text books. Think school fee for special school can go as low as $5 per month, depending on household income.

    Bursary - apply half yearly bursary from your town council or church. for Primary, Secondary school and above. Think primary is $120.
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    Re: Financial Assistance

    More lower income families can attend free carnivals organised by NTUC Club
    Straits Times, Jun 02, 2013

    More lower income families will now get the chance to attend free carnivals at Downtown East organised by the National Trade Union Congress' (NTUC) recreation arm, NTUC Club. The organisation has raised the income ceiling for union members to qualify for these free carnivals, therefore benefitting more.

    Now, households with a total monthly income of up to $3,500, or $875 for each family member can go to these carnivals where they get free food, free entry into a water park and unlimited play at game stalls, among other things.

    Previously, only those in households with a monthly income of up to $3,000, or $750 for each member could qualify for the scheme.

    "With the revised income criteria, we hope that more members and their families will now be able to enjoy this meaningful programme," said Deputy Secretary-General of NTUC Mr lucky Chee How, who made the announcement at the year's first carnival on Sunday.

    NCSS assistance
    Southwest CDC
    AIC (formerly CEL) - Grants
    Sheng Hong
    Catch plus

    Name of Organisation
    Eligibility Criteria
    Singapore Federation of Chinese Clans (CDAC) For Chinese pupils from low-income families. · Singapore citizen
    · Monthly per capita income of $300 or below
    6354 4078
    SINDA Fir Indian pupils from low-income families to help defray costs of school fees, text books etc · Singapore citizen
    · Household income is $1500 or below
    · Full-time student in government school or any educational institution/independent school
    6393 7223
    Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET) Secondary School Bursary Support for Indian pupils · Low-income families 6296 2855
    Lee Foundation Provides financial aid for the needy · Based on referrals from the Ministry of Community Development, Family Service Centres and other grassroots organisations 6535 4055
    Community Development Council (CDC) Provides financial aid for the needy · Low-income families residing in the Sembawang-Hong Kah GRC(Choa Chu Kang area) 6767 8130

    6897 4600
    Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Scheme aims to give needy Muslim pupils financial assistance · Low-income families 6346 0911
    HELP Family Service Financial assistance in cash given to families in need.
    · Applicants must be from a single-parent family. 6457 5188
    Darul Ihsan Orphanage Financial assistance for single parent · Applicants must be from a single-parent family (no father) 6746 5729
    Al-Khair Mosque Development Centre (Teck Whye Crescent) Scheme aims to give needy Muslim pupils financial assistance. · Low-income families 6760 1139

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    Re: Financial Assistance

    If you wish to Donate:
    Club Rainbow
    Wishing Well
    Rare Disorders Society (S’pore)

    There are many VWOs that need donations. Above are just examples. It is up to you to find out which one you prefer and most comfortable with.
    We surely dont't want to donate to organisations like NKF where the funds are not really to the needy. It was reported the CEO of the National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKFS), T.T. Durai, has breached the trust of the people of Singapore and all others who donate to him. He has drawn a total salary of about S$1.8 million over the last 3 years, which averages out to S$600000 per year and this money comes from the donations of people, many of whom do not even earn that amount in 5 or even 10 years.

    I also doubt anybody wants to donate to Church such as City Harvest.

    Recently came to know one of my brother-in-law, claimed he couldn't contribute to his parents medical because he has pledged 10% of his monthly salary to his church. If he earns $5000/month, it means $500 has gone to donation. He owns a car, a HDB mansionette, provided good tuition to his girls yet unable to spare $100 each month for his parents as central fund. It is his choice but those are his parents, it is unfair for his siblings to absorb his share. He has chosen his church and annouced he can no longer spare cash for his own Father and Mother! 量力而为 by sacrificing his parents.
    Not trying to sow discord or cause a fight over religion but just want to highlight, he is the only person who has embraced Christianity.
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    CHAS card - Financial Assistance

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CHAS 00.jpg 
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    More people will also be eligible for the health assist card that gives them subsidised treatments at over 800 private general practice and dental clinics.
    To keep in line with growing incomes, the card will be extended to people whose per capita household income is $1,800 or less - up from the current $1,500. At the same time, the 40-year-old entry age will be removed, so all in the family can benefit.

    Card holders will also enjoy subsidy when they screen for obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and colorectal and cervical cancers.
    These changes aim to provide people with cheaper out-of-pocket outpatient costs.

    Further help will come in the form of higher subsidies at specialist outpatient clinics. But details for this will only come next year.

    This means if you are a family of 2 adults (no age limit) and 2 kids , based on per capita household income @$1,800 or less ie total combined income $7200 per application, you can apply for CHAS - orange card.
    CHAS card can be used for medical and dental. There are certain terms and conditions.

    I have been holding the orange card since it was launched but till date, no chance to use. I wanted to use it for tooth extraction or root canal but realised that card is useless. Now, not sure will I see the real cost savings to use CHAS - orange card. Read the terms & conditions and ask the nurse or doctor, eventually how much do you pay AFTER showing that CHAS card. Different clinic has different rate.

    One thing for sure is when you use it for dental, you can see any private dentist in Spore who is registered as CHAS dentist. You can see your dentist much faster than NDC or polyclinic dentists, no need to wait for weeks or months. You can fix your teething problem as long as you can find a slot. NDC and ployclinic dentists rates are cheaper, thus CHAS card is not that useful to me. If you're visiting private GP or dentists, there's a difference in cost and time saving.
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    Re: CHAS card - Financial Assistance

    Assistance schemes for needy, extracted from here

    'Range of aid for needy, flexible rules'
    Chan Chun Sing assures MPs worried about S'poreans missing out
    By Goh Chin Lian, The Straits Times, 12 Nov 2013

    SINGAPORE has many helplines for people with differing needs, and the rules are flexible when they do not meet the qualifying criteria but are genuinely in need, said Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing in Parliament yesterday.

    This assurance from Mr Chan came amid renewed calls for Singapore to identify an official poverty line after Hong Kong set one in September.

    Some MPs had argued it would focus on the state of poverty here and track how it is addressed.

    But Mr Chan had rejected their argument at last month's parliamentary session. He said it risks a "cliff effect", where those below the poverty line get all forms of help while citizens who are genuinely in need but outside the poverty line are excluded.

    Yesterday, he defended again Singapore's multi-pronged help strategy as Ms Foo Mee Har (West Coast GRC), Ms Lee Li Lian (Punggol East) and Non-Constituency MP Yee Jenn Jong asked about the eligibility criteria of social assistance schemes.

    Handing out a rainbow-coloured chart of a range of aid that gives bigger sums to the low-income, Mr Chan said: "It shows how we share the fruits of our success with all Singaporeans by providing more for those with less."

    On one end are broad-based subsidies for essentials such as housing and health care, and for development, which stretch from early childhood care to education and training.

    Such help covers a broader group of Singaporeans, and the lower-income get more support, he said, citing the Community Health Assistance Scheme for lower- and middle-income families with per capita household income of up to $1,800 a month.

    About 340,000 cardholders qualify for subsidies of up to $18.50 for a visit to the doctor for common ailments like a cold, and up to $80 a visit for chronic conditions like diabetes, with caps that rise to $480 a year.

    On the other end are targeted schemes for a smaller lower-income group who need more help.

    For instance, with ComCare, more than 8,500 citizens receive up to $108 a month in kindergarten subsidies, and more than 10,000 get wage supplements of varying amounts.

    To be eligible for ComCare, the household income ceiling is $1,700 a month or per capita income of up to $550.

    But Mr Chan assured Mr Yee that ComCare has no "cliff effect" as those who apply are assessed not only by income, but also by family size, number of children in school and medical status.

    "It is not the case that everyone under ComCare gets the same amount," he said, adding that more than 1,500 households who did not meet the income criteria got ComCare last year.

    While MPs acknowledged the Government's efforts, Ms Foo, Mr Zaqy Mohamed (Chua Chu Kang GRC) and Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar (Ang Mo Kio GRC) said such help did not always reach the needy, because they might not know of it or are daunted by the application process.

    Dr Intan said a wait of two to four weeks for ComCare frustrated her residents. She called for front-line staff to be trained to be flexible in giving help, and for better coordination among government agencies.

    Agreeing that more could be done, Mr Chan said: "I urge all Members of the House to join us in this, to mobilise the volunteers, to reach out to these groups of people so that... they do not need to go through the difficult moments in life alone."

    ‘Limitations’ in having a single poverty line
    By Ashley Chia, TODAY, 12 Nov 2013

    A single poverty line is “one-dimensional” and inadequate for identifying the poor or assessing the effectiveness of assistance schemes, said Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing yesterday.

    Hence, the Government has opted to have different criteria to identify groups of Singaporeans who require support, “depending on the purpose”. “In other words, we have multiple lines of assistance instead of a single poverty line,” he said.

    Mr Chan was responding to a parliamentary question for written reply from Nominated Member of Parliament Laurence Lien on whether the Government would review its stand on defining a poverty line for Singapore.

    In his reply, Mr Chan noted that a poverty line has its limitations — it could lead to a cliff effect where those below the line are guaranteed a whole range of help and those above receive none, regardless of actual needs. Neither does it provide “useful information on the depth or intensity of needs of low-income families”, he said.

    Yesterday, several Members of Parliament (MPs) had raised concerns about the eligibility criteria of various social assistance schemes and their impact on the needy, with Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan Azura Mokhtar rising to speak in an adjournment motion on social assistance and affordability.

    Responding, Mr Chan assured that there is no cliff effect in the national assistance scheme, Comcare, as “overall circumstances beyond income” are taken into account when assessing applications.

    These factors include household size, number of schooling children and medical conditions.

    He added that the Government takes a “flexible” approach in ensuring that help is rendered to those who need it most.

    He also pointed out that last year, more than 1,500 households received assistance despite not meeting Comcare’s eligibility criteria. As of June, 11,800 households have received short- and medium-term Comcare assistance.

    Mr Chan also stressed that those with the lowest incomes should always get the most. “We should not be in a situation whereby because of politics, the middle income group end up getting the bulk of it and we neglect the lowest-income group,” he said.

    In her speech, Dr Intan suggested refinements to various assistance schemes, such as paying Medisave Maternity Package subsidies for pre-delivery expenses upfront to low-income mothers, instead of reimbursing them after delivery. She also called for better coordination between agencies for effective assistance.

    Mr Chan acknowledged that more could be done on this front. Earlier, he also said the planned national database for the social services sector could help streamline processes and that social workers will be trained to understand the types of help available.

    Two questions on the Government’s stance on a single poverty line have been tabled for today’s Parliament sitting.
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