I received this mail from a friend of mine, Michael. If you are interested, please call Michael directly.

We offer an energetic approach to treatment of autism. A testimonial using energetic approaches to autism include:

"Katia has a 7-year-old son who was diagnosed many years ago with severe autism.

Her husband quit his job and devoted himself full-time to helping David function as well as might be hoped. And her husband was certainly able to make a difference, after three years of enormous effort. But like many parents of autistic children, he began to run out of steam. It’s a very demanding role for a parent to fill, as you know.

Katia told me that David was very sensitive to noise, and would scream and cry when she turned on the blender in the kitchen. He would also scream in the car if she had the radio on.

Katia also told me that, like many autistic children, David had suffered a trauma when he was born. The doctors had to use a vacuum and then forceps. As well, he was vaccinated 12 hours after being born. He also had speech problems, and had difficulty communicating.

After the energy treatments, these are the improvements seen:

•David’s speech improved dramatically. He would answer questions, something he never did before, even when they were simple yes or no questions.
•He would ask for things in complete sentences: “I want bread” instead of using one word ‘bread”.
•He started noticing other children and wanting to play with them (before he seemed lost in his own world).
•When he was playing with children, he would follow the rules of the game.
•He was visually focusing on his parents, making conscious eye contact and holding it for minutes at a time (before he would look all around the room, but not at them).
•He was clearly processing information from them when he was making this eye contact (his eyes seemed active instead of vacant).
•He stopped screaming when he heard loud noises, and even asked for the radio to be turned on in the car (in Katia’s words, there was no chance this could happen before… he didn’t like music from any source except TV).
•It was possible to negotiate things with him for the first time, i.e. If you eat this apple, then you can have a cookie.
•He started eating apples… bananas were the only fruit he would eat before."

We are offering FREE treatment for 5 parents of autistic children. The conditions are that:
1) Child is less than 8 years old preferably
2) Parents are willing to go through a before and after ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) report for their children to show the improvements (This is a free online test program)
3) Parents are willing to have their testimonial video-taped if there are positive results so that we can reach out to other parents of autistic children.

The treatment is very safe, no side effects, no surgery, no drugs. Usually a whole month's of treatment would cost more than $2,000 but now you can get it for free if you are the first 5 eligible mums/dads.

I am sure you are asking yourself now: Can this be true? The question I would like you to consider is: What if it is true but you dismiss it? Would that be fair to your child and to yourself?

Even if there is any interest in finding out more, give me a no-obligation call at 98365214. We would only go ahead when you are 100% sure that it would help you and your child.

Michael Tung