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GFCF diet

This is a discussion on GFCF diet within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi, Does anyone try GFCF diet? I have zero knowledge about this. But heard it is good to ASD kids. ...

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    GFCF diet


    Does anyone try GFCF diet? I have zero knowledge about this. But heard it is good to ASD kids. Hope you can share some experience with me. Thanks !

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    Re: GFCF diet

    I'm a therapist. Of the 20+ kids w ASD and who've tried the diet, only 1 really responds to it well.

    Of the ones who show mild improvement, most have some form of allergy/food intolerance/skin or gastrointestinal problems eg eczema, chronic constipation, chronic rhinitis. Most are just healthier ie they dont't fall sick as easily, so they are more attentive & able to attend lessons or therapy regularly.

    One particular boy goes "high" whenever he eats bread, noodles or cake for a few days in a row. He becomes very impulsive and more rigid & increasingly withdrawn/stimming. It reached a point whereby he almost lost his speech. He's prob sensitive to a lot of food but we dont't know. His family is not very diligent in controlling his diet; his behv is always yo-yoing. 2 days ago, he was laughing non-stop, talking away & grabbing things cos he was excited. Today, he didn't laugh but was shaking in his seat non-stop after which he would pace about. When he finally calmed down about 1 hr later (by making him do threading), he was able to hold a decent conversation with his partner.

    His allergy problem (rhinitis & frequent nosebleed, unexplained fevers) is moderate but the sensory integration disorder is quite severe. This boy is high-functioning, almost "recovered" from autism, until the gluten problem appeared last year.

    For kids who are non-verbal, it's harder to evaluate the effectiveness of GFCF diet. But most dietary intervention work on assumption of nutritional deficiency or intolerance/adverse reaction.
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