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How do you know it is an emergency?

This is a discussion on How do you know it is an emergency? within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Trust that your knowledge and instincts will prepare you well for the many days ahead, starting from the day you ...

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    How do you know it is an emergency?

    Trust that your knowledge and instincts will prepare you well for the many days ahead, starting from the day you first learned of his/her chronic illness or diagnosis.

    Some real experiences from parents:
    1) One day Timothy was playing and mentioned in passing to me that he had a missile in his ear. Well, given that he was constantly playhg with any sort of air combat toys, making all the requisite noises, I ignored this and went on my way. The next day Tim said: “Mommy, the missile is really bothering me,” while pointing to his ear. Uh OH! I thought. I called him over and my husband looked in his ear and sure enough, there was a ‘missile’ from a toy Blackhawk helicopter tightly wedged in the canal. Off to the ER. The doc who removed the missile, chuckled and thanked us for being the most interesting of his patients that day. At least it was one ER visit where we did not have to leave with any dire concerns, prescriptions or instructions.

    2) Brandon used to put pieces of cookies in his ears when he was learning to eat solid food. I used to tease him that he was saving it until later. Fortunately none of it got inside the ear canal, but he was sure messy!

    3) My aunt got to smelling rotten when she was small. No one could understand why. They took her to the doctor’s and found that she had stuck a balloon up her nose and the plastic has started to rot from being there so long.

    4) My husband bought our Cody a little thing of the mini M&Ms. He shoved that up his nose but never said anything. Soon it started to melt and run out. Scared me to death, I mean that ‘color’ - thought M&M’s were supposed to melt in mouth, not in your nose!

    5) My youngest recently went through a period where she would stick anything and everything up her nose. It got to be a nightly ritual where she’d lie back on the couch, hubby would get the flashlights and tweezers and proceed to dig the day’s collection out. Mostly she rolled up kleenex or napkins and stuck them up there. But we have also pulled out peas, cereal, an small rocks! The worst was when we had to take her to the doctor to get one of her big brother’s Lego people heads removed. We could see it, but couldn’t get to it, so off we went. By the time we got to the doctor, it was gone.

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