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Jan 31, 2011

MediShield to include congenital illnesses next: Khaw

By Salma Khalik, Health Correspondent

THE next time MediShield is revamped, it will likely take people with congenital or mental illnesses under its umbrella.
Health Minister Khaw Boon want said yesterday that extending coverage under the national health insurance scheme to these people would certainly mean higher premiums, although there are ways to minimise this, such as by capping the insurance payout, instituting a higher co-payment by such patients and having a higher initial amount to be borne by the patient before the insurance kicks in.
Mr Khaw stressed that it was important that premiums stay affordable.
He was addressing a slew of health concerns before more than 100 people, many of whom had given feedback on his Facebook page. They had turned up for a dialogue organised by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Reach, the Government's feedback unit, and chaired by Reach chairman Amy Khor.
Mr Khaw agreed with a request from the floor that MediShield raise its upper age limit; it now insures people up to 85 years old. However, he said, this will be possible only when there are enough older people to make it viable.
He again urged the self-employed, such as taxi drivers, to buy health insurance to protect themselves against the rising cost of health care.