Hello parents,

We are Project Amplify, a group of seven undergraduates from Singapore Management University (SMU). As part of the community service project for our “Leadership and Team Building” module, we are launching a book “Through Our Looking Glass”, a compilation of stories featuring the struggles and joys of parenting children with autism. The purpose of the book is providing a literature of comfort and encouragement for parents of children with autism. At the same time, we hope to create awareness and understanding of autism in Singapore. Miss Brenda Tan, the author or 'Come Into My World: 31 Stories of Autism in Singapore" has also very kindly agreed to be our advisor.

In order for us to successfully launch the book, we need the first hand insights and experience from you. We believe that this is an opportunity and avenue for you to share your experiences and invaluable lessons you have learnt in raising your children. We are really determined to do this project, therefore we truly appreciate any contribution from you.

Any questions please post here, send us emails at SMU.Project.Amplify@gmail.com or contact me directly at 91949007.