Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day today.

Iím Zhen Yu. I represent a newly established co-op called Love Empowered, and we provide specialised academic tuition for children with learning difficulties, befriending initiatives for the little ones, training/awareness workshops with families, schools and workplaces, as well as activity centres to support the children in a loving and empowering environment.

Some of our key members have personal experience with learning difficulties, and therefore we understand the difference a safe and nurturing environment can have on the development of a child, thatís why Love Empowered was born.

And that's why we joined this forum. We wanted to find out more about what parents need support with, what children need help with, and hopefully we can have an open dialogue here where we all share our experiences and on our part, we can further tailor our services in order to provide better support to all the families out there.

We are going to have a soft launch coming up, just a day for us to mingle with parents and get to know each other, would really be great if you guys could come down and meet with us, and find out more about the programmes we offer as well.

Here is the flyer:

As we are a new organization here, we really value your feedback, whether good or bad, what we can improve upon ó we really want you guys as collaborators, for us all to work together towards bettering the lives of the children.