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Special needs teacher alleged child abuse

This is a discussion on Special needs teacher alleged child abuse within the Parenting Special Needs Child forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Police investigate alleged abuse of boy, 8 | TODAYonline The police are investigating an alleged case of abuse at a ...

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    Special needs teacher alleged child abuse

    Police investigate alleged abuse of boy, 8 | TODAYonline

    The police are investigating an alleged case of abuse at a special school after an eight-year-old boy returned home with bruises on Monday. His 31-year-old mother, who called the MediaCorp News Hotline, said the boy’s grandmother had discovered bruises on the back, chest and side of his body when she was about to shower him after his return from Rainbow Centre, Yishun Park School.

    The boy was taken to a family doctor, who referred him to KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, where a blood test and X-ray were conducted.
    The boy’s mother said she was told that her son had fallen down twice at school, but she was apparently told otherwise by doctors. She made a police report the following day.

    She cannot be named as it may lead to the identification of the boy, who is protected as a minor under the Children and Young Person’s Act.
    A police spokesperson confirmed that a report has been lodged and that investigations are ongoing.
    In response to TODAY’s queries, the school said it is “assisting the police with the investigations”. “The safety and well-being of our students is the school’s top priority,” it added.

    The Ministry of Education yesterday said it takes a “serious view of the matter” and will work with the school to assist the police.
    The boy’s mother, a single parent who works as a sales executive, said she has been going to the school every day to speak to the teachers and principal to try and “make sense” of what happened to her son, who has no vocal capabilities.
    The boy has been staying at home since the incident.

    The incident comes after another alleged abuse case at a My First Skool branch in Toa Payoh, where CCTV footage showed a teacher forcefully dragging a three-year-old boy across the floor, which caused a fracture to his shin.

    男童的母亲林女士(31岁,销售员)今早接受《新明日报》访问时说,儿子是在特学学校上学,日前放学回家时 ,全身竟出现红肿淤青。

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    Re: Special needs teacher alleged child abuse

    As a parent's point of view, I think the teacher could be:
    1) not properly trained
    2) over stressed

    Some Rainbow teachers could be over stressed due to the child ratio. Based on PPMH, the Teacher : Student ratio is 2:10. According to RCYPS, this is the approved ratio and also the best way to get more govt funding.

    There is no way a teacher can conduct proper lesson if 2 or more of that class has students who are dependant on teacher. I spent almost 6 disappointing years in RCYPS. Every year, I have feedback to Principal, Senior teacher and teacher in RCYPS that it is unfair for teacher to play babysitter role or YPS acting as half day care centre. When one of the student (I am referring to those above 5 years old) need to visit the toilet but parents/caregiver unavailabe, teacher has to drop her other students so that she can bring that child to change. Normal lesson could be placed on a halt because the other teacher can't handle so many kids.

    Some students attend the half day school with their parents or maids. Some came without any caregiver... from the day I knew them.
    I raised this issue of class teacher unable to focus on the students fairly ... give equal time and opportunity to learn. Every year, I get the same answer, there's nothing school can do if some parents prefer to leave their child in class although student needed assistance to change diaper, eat, swimming, etc. Last year parents' meeting, school suggested I should tell the other parents to spend more time in class, think of others .... what a joke! The school is suppose to give my girl or whoever came to school with caregiver, a fair chance to learn but failed again and again. YPS suggested I face the music of inconsiderate parents. Makes sense? YPS should set some rules and tell parents, school is a place for learning not a half day care centre (these parents only paid about $60/month).

    MINDS is able to ensure all the students attend school without caregivers so why can't YPS? YPS unwilling to allocate a class for those who came with caregivers and offer them better learning opportunities. The intention is for each student to get almost same amount of teacher's attention. RCYPS has failed to give my girl equal opportunity, be it in classroom or to receive weekly/bi-monthly therapy such as occupational or speech . I was told few years ago, YPS faced shortage of therapists and the teachers have been trained to observe and carry out the recommendations of therapists, if any. I must admit this year, the class teacher is better (she kept me updated about my girl - more attentive) but I know the RC teachers are struggling to be good teacher and babysitter cum therapist. Sometimes, I really pity the teachers - performing 2 to 3 roles.

    I dont't want to post such things online but with above abuse, I think it is time I voice out and hopefully MOE, Minister or Principal sees this and do something effective. I really like to know how special needs school disburse the govt fund. Why my girl can't get other therapy? Why YPS claims unable to offer my girl 'half day care centre' yet could provide others with such a cheap long term option? Why certain students get special treatment? What kind of criteria my girl must fulfil ... the school didn't want to elaborate.

    Why I can't have a daycare centre cum school so that I dont't need to employ maid?

    You might be wondering why I dont't send my girl to other special needs school. There are not many govt funded special needs school that cater to multiple disabilities.
    I wish I could but there's no school bus to & fro school to home eg AWWA. If I enrol my girl to AWWA which has a student care centre, I have to charter a taxi. It is the Methodology of school and MOE. How much they want to help special needs family, as an onlooker, can you see our plight and understand how helpless we are in Spore?

    Just like the recent case of a single mum who pushed her son off the window .... did our govt tried to help us by offering better solutions to solve our problems?
    Will we be given higher medical subsidies? No.
    I have to say something unpleasant, our children have no hope, not this country's pillars so govt is not obliged to look at us.

    If more funds are pumped in, this country felt not worth it. It rather throw money for Olympic, welcome more foreigners to work in Spore, Casino, etc. If too much funds or attention is being given to the special needs, we are likely the 'bad eggs' to pull down the country's growth. Thus, resulted in our ministers getting lesser bonus and salary. Spore's growth/GDP determines our ministers' fat bonus and salary. We are not worth the risks. 2 to 5% citizens sacrifice and many people benefit, why not? So many years as special needs mum, I've learnt the true meaning of life with a special needs child in Spore. You're alone! PAP only keen to do lip service. The real benefit is unreachable. PAP like to send out benefit or info that Sounded so good and generous but the actual fact is, I can see but cannot swallow because I am not entitled to it!
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    Re: Special needs teacher alleged child abuse

    Just to draw one example of being insensitive and not helping persons with special needs:
    The way ahead for people with disabilities | TODAYonline From Pang Hei Mun

    I refer to the commentary “Resetting mindsets about disability” (July 25).
    I rejoice together with our disabled community that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) will come into effect in Singapore on Aug 18.

    It is a watershed for Singaporeans to be able to abandon the Charity Model and embrace the Social Model of disability.
    We, as one country and one people, can work on eradicating the physical barriers that hold back the integration of those with disabilities into mainstream society. Public transport should be made more accessible and convenient to those with disabilities. This would help them become independent and integrated. It can also lighten the onus on their caretakers.

    Shockingly, the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) at Tiong Bahru is highly inaccessible.
    On foot, it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get there from the nearest MRT station. There is no bus that goes directly to the SPD. While there are shuttle buses from the SPD, they operate at fixed timings and end before 7pm.

    The absence of an accessible route for the disabled community to the SPD is ironic.
    When I was doing my undergraduate studies two years ago, I met a wheelchair-bound lady who set up a travel agency catering to those with physical disabilities. Travel arrangements entailed disabled-friendly hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations. These endeavours, however, have gained little traction in our disabled community. Most local travel agencies also preclude them from packages.

    Given a more thoughtful and inclusive environment, I am sure our disabled community would not find travelling overseas unimaginable, but possible, comfortable and enjoyable. It is heartening that Singapore will be ratifying the CRPD. This milestone provides political heft and ratchets up pressure for state and community leaders to recalibrate their policies.

    It also spurs Singaporeans like you and me to reconsider our misconceptions about our disabled community.
    I hope for greater concern, respect and inclusivity for our disabled community after Aug 18.

    Other obvious examples are the wheel 'friendly' slopes. Most of the times, the ziz zik are tiers after another which are very unfriendly. The designs are weird or out-of-way. The slopes may look nice but if users (including mummies pushing strollers) find it a chore to detour and use it, does it fit the purpose of having the slopes?

    Will S’pore benefit from more political competition?
    From Soon Sze Meng, Today Voices

    This writer commented "The
    ideal outcome of political competition would be similar to private sector competition that drives innovations, benefiting customers, and punishes incompetent companies. Two political parties would compete to develop solutions to the challenges facing Singapore, such as our declining birth rate, the need to create good jobs and that of building a cohesive society."

    "A greater concern is that the government of the day, if lacking integrity or commitment to the nation’s future interests, may use the nation’s finances to implement populist policies to win votes one election at a time."

    "We should expect our politicians to fight hard for our votes in a just manner with a perspective beyond the next election. More importantly, politicians must build trust to implement the necessary, unpopular long-term policies."

    "Some may think that we cannot avoid the downside of political competition. However, we charted our own economic path in 1965 as a small country without a hinterland. We must also chart our own political path."

    These are so true, we need competition so that PAP can work better for its citizens. PAP has been in its comfort zone for too long.
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