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Feng shui tour to china

This is a discussion on Feng shui tour to china within the Singapore Fengshui Discussion forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; Anybody interested, ple contact me....

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    Thumbs up Feng shui tour to china

    Anybody interested, ple contact me.

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    Re: Feng shui tour to china

    HI, you interested to join the tour ? if yes, please PM me, i send the detail to you.
    I am looking for people to form a trip from Singapore (now have 3 only - require 10person) to china - chen du for visit the temple 普照邿青峰山,

    Date is 10. 09.2011 5 days 4 nights . Have tour guide Master from Melacca . F ly by airasia.

    details refer to the attachment - i will send to you through e-mail.

    The trip is organise by the Master Zhen Jie - refer to her webpage Gaharu Club

    5 days 4 nite = cost $ 1379.00 (includes air ticket S$400.00 a- need to book ourself online)
    * if book very late, then air ticket price will be different *
    so, hoping can get Khaki soon for book together.

    I think the Trip price is expensice because they claim that eat good and stay in good places. The most important is 吸灵气。

    refer link for the temple -
    ??????????????? - ?? - ??? - ????? - Powered by UCenter Home

    message from them --
    = Our Trip is totally different from other vacations,as our trip is to improve our luck,health and even wealth.The places that we visit is a very holy & strong Magnetic Place == ser

    any quentions please call me, you may ask your others friends if interested. This trip is not sight visit, it is "collect power" and good luck trip.

    FYI, I am not gaining profit from the trip, i just wish to go earlier, cause their next trip plan in year Feb 2012.
    i think the link cannot post. you may search in google regarding this temple information.

    青城前山去过无数次,08年5.12在后山度假遭遇大地震,险些完结了。震后两年里虽两次重返 “生命绝地” ,惟独青城外山还没去住过。早就听说成都有座“明星寺”,是指青城外山的普照寺。据说那地方祈 佛很灵气,许 愿或者是还愿都是非常灵验。其实这只是对于信奉的人的心理寄托吧。不信教的人,也就无所谓“佛 在心中”,到 是能有机会亲临看看满足下“明星寺”的好奇心而已。再者,普照寺在地震中严重毁坏,被列入重点 文物古迹修复 工程,如今是个啥样子,到也可以一睹重建的“普照寺之光”。

    “明星寺”的说法,据普照寺记载:从2000年前后开始,先后有香港英皇集团主席杨受成、谢贤谢 霆锋父子、 吕良伟、黎姿、容祖儿、张玉姗、刘嘉玲、曹颖、孙悦等前往该寺求拜还愿。拥有360多亿元资产 的香港恒基兆 业地产有限公司主席李兆基,还不辞辛劳从澳大利亚坐专机悄然飞赴四川,到普照寺的千年古树下“ 吸收灵气”, 并为自己烧出了1万元的香火钱。影星吕良伟在该寺观百万元打造了一座高19米的铜心金身菩萨像 ,专程从香港 运抵该寺供奉。此外,杨受成花了180万元供奉乾隆年间十八罗汉像。还有歌星张国荣死后在该寺 山上暗找墓地 的说法。普照寺无风幽静,每棵树都长得笔直挺拔,据说祈愿还愿不会受到一丝风的干扰,灵气很净 。来还原的富 人明星,有很多都是先前在这儿许过愿,祈了福祉的,而且他们就是因为来过许愿,所以平安的度过 了某个意外, 或者心愿已了!这就是众多明星不远万里到这儿来的原因。的确,在富商明星“星风钱雨”的喧嚣生 活中,要找到 一快洁净安静的地方实在不易,而青城山的普照寺正是他们心愿地的向往。

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