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The home life fengshui layout

This is a discussion on The home life fengshui layout within the Singapore Fengshui Discussion forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; First, rent or live in slums parents to transfer the feng shui singapore house, the first thing a newly renovated, ...

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    The home life fengshui layout

    First, rent or live in slums parents to transfer the feng shui singapore house, the first thing a newly renovated, so the old house a new look, even a simple painting, but also very necessary. Especially the older generation used stoves, beds, doors and windows must be replaced as soon as possible. Re-decorate the facade, it is kind of the feeling of a face-lift.

    Second, the family must be angry against the dead, which was the source of bad luck. Lifeless house, your family will always depressed, depressed mood. Learning and other work will be greatly affected, lousy. Suggest a lot of ever green plants planted, or keeping active pet class, as some cats and dogs, so the original atmosphere gradually improve the less lonely, to feel prosperous.

    Third, home furnishings should try to add whatever "valuables" decorations to add housing, "extravagance." From in order to achieve suppression of a "poverty Mei Qi," such as decorative miniature "old car" model, or ceramic vases, decorative housing arrangement.

    Fourth, the paintings also a change in a good way at home unlucky, but the selection must have drawn attention. The best choice for some of the vitality of the sun has just risen, peony in full bloom class picture. Some melancholy picture, such as shore Liu Ying who did not like people to see the spirit of the picture must be removed.

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    Re: The home life fengshui layout


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