Talk about interior feng shui tips on the following

Bedroom as a family happiness or not, the key is how the degree of harmony between husband and wife, then husband and wife live in the bedroom layout is the key, since it is the bedroom, the most important point is that the bed be placed in the feng shui Studies in anger, sickness, day medicine, the very-bit is the four auspicious directions, concrete can be combined with the couple's life Bureau beds placed in reasonable places; West, who lives four auspicious directions for the placement of beds: West, Northwest, Southwest; complementary direction to the northeast; who lives east four auspicious directions for the placement of beds: east, southeast, south, complementary position to the north. Also note that with the tone of living comfort and so on.

Reading and study is the place where the wisdom of the family should pay attention to lighting, good ventilation, desk placed in the position to the position of Wenchang. Feng Shui said: "The days of living on cattle star, the main Davydenko in the third world", and the days of living cattle star position, it is everyone's angry side, the down side.