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  • 1 Post By kuroneko

The Rabbit Child

This is a discussion on The Rabbit Child within the Singapore Fengshui Discussion forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; I remember when I was young, I read alot on horoscopes. Now that I have a son born in the ...

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    The Rabbit Child

    I remember when I was young, I read alot on horoscopes. Now that I have a son born in the year of Metal Rabbit 2011, I'm rather curious as what kind of person he will grow up to be.

    This is purely for entertainment but it is still quite fun to see if your rabbit child is like what they say in the chinese horoscope! I got this from a post in another forum.


    A child born in the Rabbit's year will have a sweet disposition. Even-tempered and obedient, he will be sensitive to the moods of his parents and act accordingly. He may or may not be talkative, but he won't be rowdy or offensive. He can sit quietly and concentrate on one toy or game at a time.

    Usually he is a light sleeper and may fret a lot when he is sick. He will be easy to discipline and should have little trouble fitting in at school. He learns his lessons well and with ease. But although he has better than average manners, this does not mean he will not be argumentative in his own soft-spoken way. He can grasp both sides of a question quickly and debate his point with intelligence.

    At times, it will be difficult to decipher his thoughts or deeds. Smooth at masking his feelings, the Rabbit will only say what he knows will please you and thus maneuver you to his way of thinking without your even noticing it.

    He will be able to fend for himself and protect his possessions. Remarkably observant, he can calculate his chances for getting his way. Instead of directly resisting rules, the subtle Rabbit will carefully devise ways around them. In short, this polite little angel is going to bargain for a better deal every time.

    He can take reproach with a defiant or philosophical sort of indifference. Shrugging off his setbacks, the Rabbit will patiently start again from square one. Helpful at home, conforming in school and well-tuned to his environment, this child will know his way around people and problems. Rest assured he will be well-liked and accepted in all circles.

    So far, i agree with my 6 mths old son
    - sitting by himself focusing on his toy
    - even-tempered & sweet natured

    Perhaps he would show more good rabbit traits in the coming months!
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    Re: The Rabbit Child

    Thanks for the sharing. It’s nice to know that.

    The reason came into as a Metal Rabbit because it’s 辛卯 year 2011, where represents metal and the , rabbit is of wood.
    There 8 letters, zi, or 八字. Year says first 2, and the following month, day and time says the rest of 6. Per experience, the timing of the baby born is more important.

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    Re: The Rabbit Child

    Great infos, thanks for sharing this, i have a 'bunny' child too..

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