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This is strange... Fire Snake + Water Pig

This is a discussion on This is strange... Fire Snake + Water Pig within the Singapore Fengshui Discussion forum, part of the MummySG Lifestyle category; I had always read that Snakes and Pigs are zodiacal enemies, which had been true in my life, i.e. all ...

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    Aug 2011
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    This is strange... Fire Snake + Water Pig

    I had always read that Snakes and Pigs are zodiacal enemies, which had been true in my life, i.e. all the Pigs i previously encountered had given me problems: i.e. an older brother i fought frequently with, a senior ex-colleague who backstabs...

    Lesson learnt, i tend not to want to get too close to those born in Pig years.

    Then, some twists...

    I had met in the past 2 years, some colleagues at work I get along very well with. And when one day i found out separately that both of them are Pig babies, both also born in 1983.
    The stranger thing is that, 1983 is the year of the Water Pig.
    Some more, I'm born in the year of the Fire Snake.
    Wah, Snake vs Pig, then some more Fire vs Water!!
    Isn't this double the trouble if we do have to work together??
    But why is it that we get along so extremely well?
    Even fengshui forums I read (Lillian Too one also) says those couples with this combo better separate to prevent conflict...

    Granted, we are in the same company but they dont't work directly with me. But during company gatherings and workshops, we can talk until the cows come home! Like inseparable!
    Is it because Snakes only can't get along with older Pigs (i.e. my older brother, and senior colleague) but the reverse is true for Pigs younger than me??

    Can someone explain to me why as diametrical opposites, Snake (fire snake some more) can hit it off so well with Pig (water pig some more) in my case?

    This is important because i am thinking of working directly with them as a team for a company project.

    Anybody, please advise? Or share your experience also can.


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    Worthy Lady missyqiqi's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
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    Re: This is strange... Fire Snake + Water Pig

    I'm water pig!! hahaha...

    Hmmm.. I think this can only serve as a guide line bah. Like I can get along well with those born in the year of dog, but excluding one person, still get along well but compare to my another dog friend is totally different.

    Rather befriend a person base on who he/she is rather then using horoscope or zodiac coz no matter what I believe some how, how we life is still within our hands and our life/luck will change depends on how you treat others, so called karma

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    Worthy Lady LadyMsteo's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
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    Re: This is strange... Fire Snake + Water Pig

    I thought this would be the idea of the “Fire Snake + Water Pig”, from the sense of the 5 elements: Snake – fire, Pig – water.

    And as Fire conflicts with Water, and Water conflicts with earth. That’s why some “master” claims that they must fight, fight and fight.

    Confliction are unavoidable and exists everywhere. This is the rule in this world.

    But why as you mentioned, you just go well with some people?

    It’s about the public atmosphere and private atmosphere. In simple word, today the weather is hot, but how hot it is, different people feels differently. Some feels it hot like boiler, some feels it just a bit hot. So put this into the story, you naturally won’t go well with all pigs but some of them you can make friends with.

    Altogether, no need to put this superstitious too heavy. It will make you lose your own opportunities to appreciate the beauty of life. As long as it’s not marry for whole life long, let’s just take it easy. Imagining, every Snake (fire) conflicts with every (water) Rat and Pig in life, how many more troubles we will have?
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