Dear all,

I am proudly present to you the Autovision Pro - new product tested in Singapore. Tested 100% working with rain and sunlight by 10 Singapore cars ranges from Toyota Rush, Hyundai Avante, Sante Fe, Buses and other vehicles.
Normal Retail Price is $280. Xmas Promotion price at $180 til 25 Dec 2009. First two cars who signed up for this will get a installation package of the Autovision Pro worth $60.
The subsequent order may take one or 2 months subject to the manufacture control.

1) When there is rain at the expressway, you will not need to worry to activate your Rain wiper.

2) When the sky is dark or going through the tunnel in Spore, the headlight will be lighted.

1) If I wash my car, can I manually switch off the autovision?

2) Is there any warranty?
It is 1 year warranty.

3) Any particular car make is using it?
Subaru High end car make model- Legacy.

4) Is it reliable?
It has went through series of test before Subaru Japan has decided to buy and install into their high end cars.

To order, pls log into the below link, first-come-first-serve, while stock last.

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