Well seeing how increasingly difficult it is to own a car in singapore today, I would like to share my two cents worth of ideas on how to copy with the raising cost.
Feel free to post and pool our ideas together under this thread.
I will start the ball rolling

1) Save on Car expenses by buying good used car rather than an expensive new car.

The value of a new car drops a few thousands as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. You will probably get good money when you trade in your used car if you keep it in good condition.

2) Save on car expenses by buying a new car at the end of the month instead of the beginning. Many car dealers' quotes have to be met by the end of the month so you are more likely able to negotiate a better price or more freebies:s13: if you purchase at the end of the month. Being a car dealer is going to get harder with the raising COE and smarter buyers.

3) Save on car expenses by driving in the speed limit and avoiding speed tickets. Take notes on where the speed cameras are and our knights in white loves to camp.=.

4) Save on car expenses by always looking out for cheaper motor insurance. If your motor insurance is expiring soon, you can try to visit one of those online insurance quotes website. One of those that my friends loves to visit is sgmotorpolicy.com. You might save a few hundred dollars by checking out what the different insurers can provide at one go.
5) Always look for cheaper parking lots, there are lots of list pooling by like-minded drivers that is available on the web regarding the latest parking rates around S'pore. Some list are focused on the CBD areas, so if your office is there do check it out. You might find a car park that is half in charges just 2 blocks away. One of those list is under Carpark Rates spreadsheet - www.hardwarezone.com.sg which is also under hardwarezone forum.

6) Save on Car Expenses by taking care of your tires. Having your tires rotated and checked for air can save you from having to replace them prematurely.
Keep the ball rolling till it becomes a sticky.:s12::s12::s12: