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Weight gain

  1. cindysbump
    Been feeling the need for moral support lately as I just cannot seem to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Ever since my son was born, not only have I been dealing with some post-partum depression, but also I am not confident in my appearance and I'm really looking for ways to get back on track. I know it takes time to lose weight, but I am trying to brainstorm all of the options for weight loss. What helped the rest of you mommies get back in shape and get back your confidence?
  2. Naangfaa
    Hi Cindy,

    I have not given birth before but I had recently lost 6.5kg through exercise and watching what I eat.
    It took me about 4 months; it was difficult initially but I got used to it after that.

    dont't feel small about yourself! Go get some new clothes and I am sure you will feel much much better!
    It'll be good if you stay nearby and we can go for brisk walks!=)
  3. RuthAlarcon
    Hi Cindy! I think every momma's her own share of "insecurities" before&after birth. It feels heavy, right? dont't worry about getting thin, you will eventually return to your original size later on. Eat healthy foods &let your body do the working until everything's returned to normal. When you're feeling sad and depress, share it w/your partner. You have to unload these negative feelings, to overcome post-partum depression. 2nd, take a breather. Let's admit, being a mommy is a tough job & you're no cyborg. You need rest and unwinding too! Go out of the house, visit a mall, see a movie, eat out with your sisters or friends. I tell you, you will return home with a happy heart! 3rd, keep telling yourself that every mother undergoes that same phase. You're not alone Cindy. Every mommy experiences and eventually overcomes the "ugly" stage. Motherhood is all about it, putting first your kids' needs before yours - sacrifice. Just take each day at a time. Enjoy motherhood, enjoy your baby! ♥
  4. SarahGurbuxani-Carpio
    I commend you for being true to your feelings and sharing it with us. Because of the hormonal changes right after we give birth, many of our physiological activities are also altered, for instance: our appetite and our metabolism. Cheer up, Mummy! What you are going through is pretty normal. But if I may ask, how many months since you gave birth? I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is 49 kgs, I am still at 51kgs. For now, I dont't worry that much because whenever I feel depressed or sad, I feel like the whole family is sad, too. I am not kidding. Negativity is so contagious. So basically, right after I gave birth I was at 56kgs. What I did to shed off some kilos are the following: I breastfeed (this just becomes a bonus benefit of breastfeeding). I dont't like feeling so full, thus I avoid overeating. I also changed my mindset now that I am a mother. I, as much as possible, avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates and foods with artificial sugar/sweetener.
  5. SarahGurbuxani-Carpio

    My point is, I want to live longer for my baby, hence I want to be healthy by eating well. Also, I sleep when my baby sleeps, I try to get those lost hours of repose that I need, so that I wouldn't feel down and then would binge to sweet foods. I just keep my life simple and happy. Yes, there are mums who can easily bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight (or even appearance), but the heck I care. This is me in all my splendor, take it or leave it. And i love my motherly curves now. (((:

  6. RuthAlarcon
    @sarah: very well said! you still look gorgeous at 51kgs, though.
  7. SarahGurbuxani-Carpio
    Thanks Ruthie!
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