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Herbal Supplements

  1. seow
    I thought it would be nice to have a topic in which everyone can share their experiences with different herbal supplements for slimming.

    After delivery of my baby I had about 10kg to lose. And I was recommended MegaHoodia herbal capsules.
    This product is 100% natural, made from an African cactus and it woks by decreasing the appetite. I started to eat much less in the very first week as I was full after just a small amount of food. That was a great feeling
    I lost my extra weight in just 3 months and never regained it. I'm trying to keep my weight off by doing daily exercises and eating just healthy food/drinks.
    My conclusion: herbal supplement are really effective, at least in my case.
  2. divinelifecare
    Yes you are absolutely right Seow. Herbal Supplements are less side effects & free from chemical composition. Ayurvedic treatment is an elementary part of herbal supplement which you can use after delivery or any kind of disease followed by doctor recommendation. One place one can find the fully ayurvedic treatment is in INDIA.The root production of herbal remedies.
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