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Effective Diet Pills

  1. lindsey03
    What about diet pills girl?

    Are here anyone of you that are sick and tired of diets, exercises... and stick to diet pills instead?
  2. mikelaSG

    I've been overweight almost all my life and this is really embarrassing...
    I've tried different diets but they help me lose just some kgs which I regain short after
    I'm in search of some herbal, safe and effective remedy for weight loss.
    If any of you here can recommend anything goo, It would be great.
  3. eileen30
    I've heard Acomplia can be a real help.
    I've started it today but not yet sure if it works or not on me...
    Does anyone know if it takes time to build in your system or if it's supposed to work immediately?
    I'd be really interested in hearing from any of you.
  4. lindsey03
    hi and welcome here

    as far as I know diet pills dont't have an immediate effect. you have to wait at least a few days to see hoe it works on you

    keep us informed about your progress.

    I wish you luck!
  5. rittatan011
    Everyone around says Reductil is actually the best among diet pills. I started it myself 2 months ago and can confirm they really work well.
    My appetite is decreased and I eat smaller portions. Hope to lose more weight during next months...
  6. lindsey03
    I stopped reductil for a while (during summer) and restarted taking it a month ago as I still have to lose about 12-15kg. My last order from http://cheapmeds4u.com was a bit different. I received Trimex(sibutramine) which are yellow not white and blue as the usual ones.
    I was skeptical at first but the customer support said it's the same chemical composition so I do take them. My appetite is much less, no cravings any more. I think I lost about 3 kg this month but I want to lose more.
    Will go to the gym next week...maybe
  7. evelyn33
    Reductil from http://cheapmeds4u.com are very effective, I lost almost 5kg in a month without any effort!

  8. cutiepinkkitty12
    What diet pills can lost weighg fast i need get back soon to my full time job in makeup.
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