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    WTS: fisher price tricycle

    1 month old FisherPrice tricycle in excellent condition! Good for 3-6yrs old.. Selling at $100. If interested, SMS me at 97952926.
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    WTS: FisherPrice tricycle

    Letting go of 1 month old FisherPrice tricycle at $100, retail price at $125. in excellent condition! Good for 3-5yrs old. Please contact me at 97952926 if you are interested.
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    WTS: FisherPrice tricycle

    FishPrice tricycle in excellent condition, only 1 month old, letting go at $100. Retail price is $125. Interested, please reach me at 97952926
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    Yes, it's dependent on yr skin condition/quality/type.. Suggest to apply Shea butter right ff d beginning, to moisturize the skin don't wait for stretch marks to appear.
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    When does your first real period comes after birth?

    I bf for 8mths, menses came only after 3mths.
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    A horrible caesarean experience with gynae and hospital!

    Hi, I experienced this too!! For my case is d anaesthetist's fault, told him to proceed with the epidural earlier while waiting for my obgyn, but he refused!! My obgyn tested if the epidural has worked by poking me with an instrument. When I felt d pain, I told my obgyn, n d anaethetist still...