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    Best Slimming Product

    Hi, Can PM me about herbal life?
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    toddler's fear of hair cut

    Try those kiddy salon. They have lots of toys, cartoon CDs, books for the kids. Price ar 20 onwards.. Btw, it takes time:) my boy also took a very very long time , finally at age 3 yrs old den he relent willingly to cut his hair:)
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    pissing off with the in laws

    If they want u to greet dem even thou at times they might ignore, if I were u, I will just greet as a respect. Greeting them won't cause me to lose a hair or anything, old people is like that. The more you treat them good, they will realize one day and treat u well back. Elders is like...
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    divorce or stay on

    Dream rat, Tats good. Remember, words could kill a relationship.. Be careful in your words, ESP during this vulnerable period.. Good luck
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    Re : Mommies age of 30 and above

    Hi mummies.. I m a 34 yrs old mummy of 3-15,11,3... Ttc another one.. Hopefully .. *pray*
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    between my daughter & him

    between my daughter & him Hondavvvtec, Totally agreed w you ! Thumbs up!!
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    divorce or stay on

    Omg.. Dreamrat.. I am sorry to hear that. Guess you are going through a hard time now. All is d cause of your pil. But if u were to divorce your hub, the greatest sufferer is your child. Probably finding a counsellor might help. Consider. So both u n hub can be counseled by the counsellor.your...
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    between my daughter & him

    between my daughter & him Btw, one day if your daughter turn rebellious and turn her back on you, you have only yourself to blame for her plight for you had indirectly chosen that Man over your flesh & blood!
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    between my daughter & him

    between my daughter & him Lets hope he is really had file for the divorce.. If his wife is so easy to sign n relent within such short time.. If I were you, I will 1st, ask to see the copy of the separation deed/paper filed m issued by lawyer, each individual will have a copy for sure, 2ndly...
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    Zion Kindergarten Serangoon/ Bishan

    Btw, my husband and I are very pleased with Zion kindergarten and most imp, my son able to adapt independently at there. Which is most comforting:)
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    Zion Kindergarten Serangoon/ Bishan

    Hi, I had just went for a trial lesson with my near 3 years old boy last Thursday. My boy's first class was GUG - united sq at 18mths to 26 months. After that I moved him to ZOOPHONICS at serangoon central during starting thus jan. it lasted only 2 days, for on the first day, my boy whom was...
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    between my daughter & him

    between my daughter & him Pardon my frankness, I am also a happy woman with kids from previous marriage, who remarry a good single man who accepts my everything , include my kids and parents:) it has been 5 years.. Before that, I had also few bfs whom my kids saw but never approved. Btw...
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    Life is so unfair

    Vel, this is so life, your Say. Everything has a choice:)
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    Trying to Conceive.... Suggestion Please....

    U are still so young, give it some time. Don't stress, just have another 2-3years of "honeymoon" period first:) holidays might help ESP when you are more relaxed:)