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    Switching Doctor - document transfer?

    You can use SingPass (assuming u are a Singapore PR) and log into your HealthHub account. Mobile app is available for download in Apple and Google stores. Typically, only data from visits you did in public hospitals and polyclinics. Almost all private doctors are not supportive of it because...
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    Stressful mommy here

    1. Actually easier to schedule with a nutritionist to see how this is managed because confinement food service won't be able to help u with allergies.. they won't be doing an allergy test to see which are ur allergies before recommending. u need more professional help. can try...
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    Recommendation for Early Intervention (Autism)

    early intervention will also mean early assessment? can try search for a time slot on this platform. they have someone who does ABA and CBT.
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    looking for a speech therapist (individual session)

    a little late to join but hope this helps those who may still be seeking one:
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    Autism Insurance

    which insurer is doing that? i only know MSF Baby Bonus now as a form of subsidy, not an insurance though.
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    Any speech therapy to recommend.

    check out
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    recommend effective & reasonable price home therapist

    is he currently on any medication? because some ADHD drugs are not available in singapore and may affect compliance.