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    Any Oct 2006 moms out there?

    haha... ya... kids nowadays are really so smart and quick. :tlaugh:Sometimes behaved like big brother at home, telling us what to do and what we cannot do... Looks who' s the boss now?? haha...:001_302:
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    Any Oct 2006 moms out there?

    Yup, need to be stern with them most of the time. Sometimes, my boy will use the words that I use to scold him on ME!! He will say:' mummy, you are a naughty girl, you drop the toy and now I am angry with you." Then, he will stand one corner looking very stern too!! hahaha... dunno to laugh...
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    Which Dr you dilvered your premature baby and was best choice

    Hi Nirmiti, I was initially a private patient under Dr Ana. But after my first bleed, she warned me if I was to bleed again,I may need to hospitalised until I deliver. So she suggested that if I hospitalised for bleed, its better to downgrade to subsidize ward. If not the hosp fees can cost a...
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    Any Oct 2006 moms out there?

    Hi my boy is also Oct 2006 bb. :-) Ya. may be a good idea to share experiences and ideas on how to discipline them. My boy is so pampered by his grandma that he can be quite rude sometimes. When he behaves, he is such an lovely angel. But when he is being naughty, he can really drive you up...
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    Which Dr you dilvered your premature baby and was best choice

    Hi, Nirmiti. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events. Your story reminds me of my first preg too. I delivered in NUH. I had pregnancy complications: Placenta previa, started bleeding in my fifth month. Had to be hospitalised and on med to control the contractions coz Dr say too early to...
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    Anyone who is interested to get free voucher when doing online survey?

    Hi happydayshop, I am interested too. Pls e-mail mi at Thanks. :-) :Dancing_wub: Best, Angie
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    do u ask ur hubby to change diapers?

    My hubby has also been very hands on type. He has done everything, including bathing my boy, only except breastfeeding. Initially, he is abit scared coz my boy was very small , only 2 kg when we brought him home. He can almost carry my boy with just his two hands only! But slowly he picked up...
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    whats the chances of having premature baby again?

    Ya, risk for having another premature preg is higher if you have a history it. My first bb was 29th weeker premmie due to placentra previa ( placenta very low, causing me to bleed at very early in my pregnancy) I was so traumatized by my first preg that I was afraid to be pregnant again...
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    learning vision at kk hospital

    Hi huihui, not sure about the learning vision in KKH, my boy is in learning vision NUS Kent Vale. Brayden BB and I like the school very much. The teachers are very nice and they have very close interaction with the parents. :red:
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    Member's HOME Location

    Me at Clementi.
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    7 mths got running nose & cough

    I do not know of any remedy for running nose and cough, I would suggest to see the doctor for medication, the earlier we treat the symptoms, the faster the recovery. I very kaisu with kids falling sick... hehe... take care... hope your little precious recober soon
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    Prevenar & Pneumococcal Vaccine

    I think Prevanar is the trade name for pneumococcal vaccine, should be referring the same thing. I am a very kiasu mummy, I had my boy jab for pneumococcal beofre he is one year old. My friend's little boy,2 yrs old, had prolonged high fever, and was disgnosed to have pneumococcal...
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    Underweright baby?

    Thanks DSin mummy, his weight is also because he is a picky eater. We always have to coax him with his fav Thomas the train to make sure he finish his porridge. He also seldom finishes his milk, always left 40-60mls. So wasteful. Other than that, he is such an angel. :tlaugh:
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    starting toddler on toothbrushing

    hi Stonston, I have much difficulty teaching my son to brush his teeth, he is already 2 and a half years old, still very reluctant to brush his teeth. I bought him the Winnie the pooh toothbrush but he dun like. My hubby and I try to get him to brush teeth with us every morning but he don't...
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    Underweright baby?

    dear mummies, would like to share that my boy was a 29th weeker premmie, was only 1.38kg when he was born. So tiny that my hubby can just carry him with one hand. He was in incubator for at least 4 wks, and was discharged from Neonatal ICU in 6 wks. He is now a healthy 2 1/2 year old cheerful...