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    1st hair cut

    So the culprit is PEM agency right? They are the only one I made enquiry on confinement nanny and the sales staff ask for my number. And PEM give my number to Iris?!!! :mad::mad:
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    Public transport passengers treats pregnant lady invisible

    You so bold babyeskimo. Yes we must stand up for ourselves. Else who will!
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    Want to share: Feel cheated by fellow Mummy here

    May I ask what were you cheated?
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    Public transport passengers treats pregnant lady invisible

    Was on the bus too when I was 8months pregnant and no one willing to give up seat. So sad nowadays society. :tsad:
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    pre- pregnancy weight

    Can try hula hoop exercise.
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    Please share your birth story

    I fully bf too. Proud of it. :tlaugh:
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    1st hair cut

    Hi mummies, my hp number is private too. How did this company get our numbers and disturb us this way? Can we make a police report?
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    Can Karihome Goat milk be taken at the same time with Cow milk(S26, Similac)?

    Hi Icytaz, may I ask where do you buy the goat milk? What is the brand?
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    cleaning services for home

    Some maid do part time outside. Careful bacause it is illegal.
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    Advise needed on confinement nanny

    Hi Jolinanntan, may I have your cl contact no? My friend looking for one.
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    single mother need help to rent a flat from HDB

    Hi, did you explain to hdb about your relationship worsening with your parents?
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    stop mil from carrying bb!!

    Hi, if can try to be moderate at our approach, at times we need to compromise a little here and there. I do understand the frustration as I am living with my mil too. But with them around, they helped look after certain house chores and remember one day we will become someone's mother in law too.
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    pre- pregnancy weight

    I am 41, pregnant 54, after delivered dropped to 44. control on the rice intake, it helps a lot.
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    Looking for Good Confinement Lady

    Thanks everyone for the contact. Appreciate it. :wong19: