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    Finally~~ and right now it the surname pro

    Wow, u have such a good BF. Hmm. My lawyer told me that as long as the child's custody is under YOU, you can change baby surname without his consent. I changed mine too.
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    Bringing Baby Out, What Age and Where?

    I always bring my baby out to town since he's 2mths old. He follow me wherever i go. I Feel crazy staying at home. That's why.
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    Anybody feeding their baby Friso?

    Yes, the scoop is different. Stage 1 is Blue color scoop. Stage 2 Pink Color scoop. Stage 3 White color scoop. One is bigger than another.
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    Effective way of making jaundice go away!

    I was left with no choice end up my mom did this. Cos MIL refuse to pay for photo therapy and admission of hospital. MIL Keep Nagging and nagging. HATE HER.
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    EDD (September 2009)

    Yup. My Baby is turning 1 soon. My plan was to held his 1st Birthday at Function room then invite relatives & friends to come. This is the most common type. I don't know if anyone have any other special ideas??????
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    Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake - Where to get?

    I think that they are able to do it but u must bring your own characters down.
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    Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake - Where to get?

    You should head down to AMK Pine Garden to take a look. They have albums of cakes for children. Design is nice, cake is delicious.
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    Teething Gel

    yes. my son is using dentinox teething gel too. can see the immediate effect after u apply.
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    Nursery rooms at shopping place.

    Ya true. i was shocked when i visit that nursing room. But they have one BIGGER nursing room beside Burger King.
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    Nursery rooms at shopping place.

    Compass point have. Beside the Food court that side. Not bad. Quite clean.
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    Beware!!! Cupcake Dreamy (

    think they just wanna earn money. this is part of the reason why i dont dare to order online. hais. this kind of swirl, no need expert also can do it lor.
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    Maclaren Strollers

    Yup Baby Hyperstore got many. I bought mine from Kaki bukit too. Much cheaper....
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    FM price increase again !!! Now is Friso 2

    HUH??? From MALAYSIA and yet they can increase the price????? WTH!!!!!!!!! :we2arghh:
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    FM price increase again !!! Now is Friso 2

    Yes super pissed off with the stupid price increase.
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    Market rate for Babysitter

    can i have her contact? cos i'm urgently looking for one right now.