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    Are You a SAHM or wanting to be a SAHM and earn extra income?

    I'm keen to learn more, please pm me. Thanks.
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    Need to reconfirm the procedure of birth registration without marriage cert

    Hi. Im currently also in same boat as u.. thus would like to know more too. could anyone help out w providing me more infomation? Can pm me pls
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    Baby clothing for sell

    Hi, both the long sleeve/pant bodysuit for how many mths old?
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    WTB yaolan manual or motored with frame

    As stated, please contact me at 96581846 thanks
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    Any younger than 25yr old mummies Ard?

    I'm 19 this year with a 15week old bb boy:)
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    WTS Preloved Philips Avent single electric breast pump

    Hi, recently bought it from other mummy at $80 but didn't like it so reselling at same price. It has been previously used for 3mths. I've tried and pump is in good condition. Pickup from west side. Contact 96581846 for more info
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    Pelvic pains

    Hello all, I'm currently 33w+1d and so far been experiencing really intensive pains in my pelvic area, especially so when I walk, sleep(turn) or anything requires movement. It feels like my bones done there are going to break, felt and heard the crackling sounds countless of times.. :( The...
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    Teen aka young mummies.

    sure! have pm u my no. :)
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    Teen aka young mummies.

    Hello, I'm 19 this year. Nice to see a group like this, at least I'm not so alone. EDD this coming April
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    can baby's natural father enter delivery room if unwed

    Hi, as stated from title, is the baby's father allowed to enter delivery room if we are not married? Also because delivery would be c section due to twins and induced as one of my baby is having heart defect, can he still come in with me? I will be delivering in KK Hospital. I heard from my...