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    anyone tried Philips Air Fryer?

    I have an airfryer and I have been using it for ages, in fact, since it was launched :) I do practically everything with it - almost everything the oven can do, i've tried it - from baking cakes and cookies to fresh food like whole fish, mushrooms, chicken. Pappadum cannot :(. I tried and it...
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    Origami or clay making?

    Actually there are alot of origami tutorials online that you can refer to. We do clay as well, those polymer clay like jumping clay.
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    "Water Filter"

    I use diamond water system at home.
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    When did your little stop wearing diapers?

    I feel that most importantly, the child must be ready to be toilet trained. My gal was toilet trained by 24 mths, both day and nite. My son was toilet trained by 34 mths, both day and nite.
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    What to feed my 7 months old ?

    No seasonings. I make stock using root veg like carrot, corn, etc or meat stock like chicken & pork. This stock is used to cook porridge. You can also steam pumpkin, carrot, sweet potatoes, etc and add to the porridge.
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    Can you use breadmaker recipes other than the recipes that come with the breadmaker?

    Re: Can you use breadmaker recipes other than the recipes that come with the breadmak what is 405, 550 and 1050 flour? I use my breadmaker for any recipes, even those not from the attached recipe book. Only thing is, I need to scale down the recipe size so that I do not make a larger loaf...
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    Happycall double pan from lejel

    I use a proportion of 1/3 cup dried maize or popcorn kernels to 3 tblsp of veg oil cos the happycall pan cannot take more than this. Any type of veg oil can be used, so long as it has a high smoke point. I used Canola oil cos that's what I have at home. Put oil in pan and turn on heat to med...
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    How much cooking oil is actually in a serving of fried food?

    Depends on the heat used. The Chinese chefs like to re-fry the food a 2nd time to extract as much oil as possible. If you were to place the chicken in an oven/toaster oven and heat it, you will see oil coming out from the chicken again.
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    Happycall double pan from lejel

    A friend helped me buy from a spree, I think via SMH. After delivery charges, about $50+. So far, I have made a few items with it - grilled prawns, enoki muchrooms bacon rolls, popcorn, fried fish & heated up some ready-cooked food like ham, otah & frozen veg. These are some of the pics (i...
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    Happycall double pan from lejel

    I have this pan. Yes, it is used for normal cooking. The rubber seal allows u to seal in the food so that it gets cooked faster.
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    Wat Brand of Diaper Do u wear for ur KID on NIGHT ?

    I started very late at 2 yrs 9 mths, unlike with my 1st kid. My younger kid was fully toilet trained at the ripe old age of 2 yrs 10 mths. My eldest was fully toilet trained at exactly 2yo.
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    Fever - - - - - - - - - is all fever med the same ?

    The paracetamol is just a fever relieving med. If the root cause of the illness is not resolved, the fever will persist. This is the body's method of fighting off the infection. Fever is not an illness, it's a symptom of an illness.
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    Wat Brand of Diaper Do u wear for ur KID on NIGHT ?

    Mine was on Huggies Dry cOmfort before he was fully toilet trained. Usually very heavy in the morn but no leakage. He has been "trained" to urine before sleeping so I dont't have this problem. He used to wake up to drink a full munchkin bottle of water in the night. Right now, he still does the...
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    Fever - - - - - - - - - is all fever med the same ?

    Re: Fever - - is all fever med the same ? Paracetamol (the pink one) is a suspension. This means that different doc might prescribe different strength of suspension. I think the most common one is 250mg. This is also why docs usually calculate the dosage based on your child's wt.
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    Teachers day .

    DIY a card & a small gift of cookies?