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    what is the prob with the mils?

    if yr husb sides his mother, then its quite hard for you to do anything. Perhaps you can cook up an excuse to say recent checkup, PD mentioned baby got some rashes, and suspected it might be perfume etc.
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    How couple manage their finances

    i hold onto my husb's current account chequebook and atm card. He doesnt know anything about online banking/phone banking etc lol. Everything is paid from my side. He gets a weekly allowance. Sometimes if he has entertainment or meet clients for drinks, he will use his Credit Card. Pretty...
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    How do I know if my hubby had affairs or find "those" outside ?

    hi, if both of u r married for 8 years (which is a real long time), why do u suddenly suspect your hub all of a sudden since u trusted him for so long?
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    mummy help

    hi serene12 I personally thinks its dangerous to have chickenpox on an to separate from the infected pple as far as possible.
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    Chances for BTO

    really? Leftover units are higher? I never thought of getting leftover units coz it seems like so little left and I tot sure gone case lol
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    When to start potty train?

    I leave it to the daddy to teach lol....coz I dunno how to teach him to stand and pee haha!
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    is there anyway I can know if he is having affiars outside ? : ( ...............

    usually there will be tell-tale signs that usually dun happen like even on sundays, he is answering/messaging to another person when 2 of u are around etc. or brings his HP around to wherever he goes etc or constantly checking for new smses etc. Usually what u feel/suspect is more important...
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    Chances for BTO

    oooh hahhaha, my friend was also telling me, its like strike toto or 4D first prize if can get a good queue no.....hope so lor!
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    hello and welcome!
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    New to the forum

    hello and welcome!
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    Chances for BTO

    hi, anyone successfully got a place for BTO as 2nd timer? Me failed the first one, just applied again. Haiz!
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    Bento Lunchboxes for your Primary School Kids

    hi, recently been very interested in above. Have bought bento books and went online to search for lotsa ideas. Anyone has done and is very good at it? haha! Can share photos? :001_302::001_302::Dancing_tongue::Dancing_tongue:
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    Window grills - recommendation pls

    Dear Members, I have not been active for the past 3 years because my mother passed on and I was quite devastated and have not been able to come online for quite some time. Anyway I have received a lot of PMs on Vincent's contact etc. Anyway anyone who needs to get their...
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    heartbeat monitor throughout delivery ?

    yes they will. If I rem correctly theres 1 to monitor fetal heartbeat and another for contractions. Mine was KKH.
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    Need advice... 21 mth old girl still do not speak

    hi lostkitty, I guess every child develops differently and at different pace. My son spoke only at 30months (2.5 years old), before that was "eee eee aa aaa" when he asked for things....but Papa, Mama the basic ones he can pronounce. Since then, he has been talking non-stop and became very...