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    Recommendations for Baby Photography?

    i love Sean Lau style when i saw in on FB! Have make an appt with them for my 1 yr old boy!
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    Baby Diapers?

    I tried Mamy Poko before, but the poo keep leak and spread till the whole of his back! VERY messy! Then switch to Huggies Dry Comfort, cheaper and better! But my habit is always change my boy diapers after every milk feed!
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    Type of swimming floats?

    I also dun bathe my 9 mths old son after bathe. Just clean him with wet hanky and wipe with towel. I use the sit-in float and my boy was so happy in it coz he get to splash the water with his hands! He even screamed happily when the water splashed onto his face! Instead of swim diapers, i...
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    Cook porridge with dried scallop??

    My mum also use dried scallops to cook porridge for my boy, but of course she did not feed the scallops to him. She did suggest marmite too but i say cannot. But when we cook pumpkin or sweet potatoe porridge, the porridge will be sweet enough so we do not add any scallops etc
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    Anyone seeing Dr. Koh Poh Kian or Dr. Ang Ai Tin from TMC?

    I saw Dr Koh once at AMK SBCC, he seems a patient and fatherly PD. Answered all my questions slowly w/o rushing even though there is a long q outside waiting to see him. Understand from SBCC that he no longer does evening duties at AMK SBCC, only morning now. He is a cough specialist...
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    Lunch alone with 2 mths old bb

    During my 4 mt ML, i tried to have a heavy breakfast (hubby buy b4 gg to wrk), so for lunch, i just eat bread/biscuits or cereals! Actually, u will have not much time to eat. When BB is asleep, i will eat very fast at the basin, then need to wash bottles, wash clothings, tidy the house, blah...
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    Leaking poo, anyone?... :(

    I have this problem when i was using Mamy Poko diapers, his whole back will have poo and my baby will kick & wriggle till the socks & bed oso have the poo! *FAINT* This happen even when the diaper is not wet at all, so my auntie feel that is Mamy Poko not absorbent enough! Now using Huggies Dry...
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    Baby Snacks

    I bought a organic brand that starts with "Bell"-something, but that was too hard for him so i throw it away. Then went to buy Pigeon then realised about the salt content! Hmm, i still kiasu, bought 3 packs!
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    Baby Snacks

    How old was your baby when you give snacks to them (eg teething biscuits)? I bought some Pigeon Baby snacks for 6 and 7 months babies, but only read the content after buying and realised there is salt in it! Now thinking should i allow my 8 mth old boy to eat them!
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    Photo Collage Website?

    Hi Hi, any mummies know which website have such functions? I saw some blogs and Facebook, they post their photos in very nice collage template. I want to do it for my baby's photos too!
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    Red packet to confinement lady

    I gave mine $28 for arrival and $100 for departure! Paid for her cab fare too! Did not buy any phonecards for her, no1 say i shld..haa My mum does the marketing, she will buy separate foods, for me and the others for CL and my hubby!
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    Stitching after natural birth

    I delivered at TMC naturally w/o epidural. They will give you a bottle of medicine to apply to the wound, need not buy yourself! But the 1st time you pee n poo, the pain is real horrible! but of course nothing is compared to labour pain! Make FULL use of the Laughing Gas if you are aiming to go...
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    Who gave birth recently at TMC

    I did not knw i was charged for the shave. Haha. Anyway, 1st time give birth, everything they tell me to do, i just nodded my head and did as told! I think the more gross part is when they insert the liquid into your anus to clear your stomach. They will tell you to try to hold your urge to poo...
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    Slow cooker

    I use the slow cooker too! I bought the small cooker for ard S$30! Just throw all the ingridents in and cook for ard 1.5 to 2 hrs and the porridge is READY! My mum say can use normal pot if you have the time to look after the fire and stir it. But she scared i will burn the porridge and set the...
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    Unrine Tract Infection (UTI) in Babies

    I ask my PD that time, she say is difficult to say exact reason for boys. Might be the poo come into contact with the penis OR diapers soak etc. For girls, is normally the cleaning the wrong way. She just told me not too worry too much and just to change diapers more often!