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    Employing maid

    Hi, Yvonne KTW, PM me too pls. I also want to sign off your petition. Count me in. News said govt plans to open up more student care, thus they bo-chiap on maid. Sad...
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    any 2009 Children going nursery!!!

    Hi, my son also due for Nursery next year. I'm considering Bethesda Pasir Ris vs Penetocoast Methodist @ Pasir Ris Dr 6. There are also 2 popular at Loyang Besar (near Downtown east). Anyway, still doing my research work.
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    Home Theft

    Hi Rainbow, Our relationship with this thief BIL is never good. And turn worst after this case. We never talk. Hubby also dun want to see him. He is the reballious type. So no point to ask him directly. Police had did all the job.
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    Home Theft

    Hi Rainbow and Mandy, Thanks for your replies. For the pawn ticket, he told police lost or threw away, hence no way to recover. For Confrontation, we did over sms. He replied : not him, go ahead to make police report if we want to, nothing to do with him. So I went ahead with the report as...
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    Home Theft

    I've a bad relationship with my MIL. Since marriage she and my 2 Bros in law are staying with us, my hubby is the eldest son. For 6 years, everyday was a torture, and I used work as an escape. Untill I was pregnant with my 2nd child (2 yrs ago), that I threaten my hubby that either we move or I...
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    babies from hell?

    Hi, Have you try to play them Children DVD eg. Barney, Hi 5 etc ? My 2 yrs old boy also super active. But once we play the DVD, we have at least 30mins time to go for quick bath, wash up etc. Or, I play him the video from the Thomas & train website, while teaching my P1 girl her school work...
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    Milk for a 6 year old

    Hi Mummies, Need your help/advice : We recently decided to stop buying formula milk - Progress no. 4 for my 6.5 yrs old, reason being, it is expensive also she insisted on drinking from her bottle and not cup or straw. Tried Meiji / HL etc fresh milk, but she don't like it and only had 2 sip...
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    BBQ Cater

    Thaks for sharing. Most likely I will end up with e-creative cos of the 3D cake. I heard that many Mediacorp stars ordered their children cake from them. Thought of saving the trouble by ordering their catering together. Anyone have use their catering before and can share your comments ?
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    Tips for conquering Tokyo Disneyland with 2 young kids

    Hi, Narita airport is about 1hour (bus ride - they called it airport limousine bus) to town. I'm not sure where is Sherton. But, I was staying near the Shingawa train station and took the train to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea. They are 2 differerent theme park - land is kiddies. while...
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    BBQ Cater

    Thanks candy_ian for sharing. didn't know stamford can have in house chef too. Will check them out.
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    BBQ Cater

    Hi Mummies, I'm planning a BBQ party for DD's birthday. Anyone can had use a BBQ cater before ? I'm hopping to get someone that can BBQ for you - heard it's about $70 for 3 hours for one man power.Can share with me pls ?
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    Rashes after delivery...PUPP??

    Me got rahses after I finished my Jamu Massage (2nd to 3rd week of delivery), on my tummy area first then spread to leg and up to chest. I called back my massgae lady, she said it was the 'tonix' forcing out from my body, just put some powder or lotion over it 'to cool it'. The rahes did not...
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    National Costume Doll

    Hi Mummies, Boss gave me a big task : to search for national costume doll of 5 S. E. Asia country. An expatriate is leaving and he wants to frame up these dolls as a farewell present to him in rememberance. HELP.... where can i find such dolls ? DFS ? Thanks for your tips.
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    Bird nest during pregnancy?

    Ha ha ha... Mine just opposite. For first child, take once a week, gal came out with good complexion. For second one, take some, but not that regular, about once per 2 -3 weeks, complexion not bad, but easy to get rashes. So I think it depends on individual. But, coconut water works for...
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    Any Effective Recipe For Cough/Phlegm

    Hi Mummies, May I know if there is any specific type of pear .... those big yellow ones or the smaller green crunchy type ? Or so long pear also can ?