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    URGENTLY looking for babysitter at SengKang

    URGENTLY looking for babysitter at SengKang Any lobangs ? My contact 83994097 Cynthia , thanks !
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    Fake eyelashes

    Is this a form of advertising yr site ? For the same type of lashes yr selling can be bought at a much cheaper price . Bought mine from Beauty Doll House - Home . Same quality , same packaging for $9.90 . Quote ' Fidelis Reader ' and yr entittled to free normal postage .
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    Hair Rebonding

    Thanks for your reply. Could you please advise if she will help trim off those fried hair(if there is) when the rebonding process is over. - she will trim it off foc , for me she wanted to trim it off bt i refuse . Is there any treatment included as well? - treatment is not included . my...
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    Hair Rebonding

    Mine was $70 . My friend shorter also $70 . Perhaps price increase now . I didn't ask what type of cream she uses thou' but rebonding done was good and lasted for a year plus .
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    baby burps?

    Hiccups come in a rhythemic manner .
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    singapore marriage legal age is???????

    I remember there's a page in ROM website that states the age . Gt a friend who married at the age of 15 so i guess can but parental consent . =) And yes undergo counselling . $260 for that .
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    singapore marriage legal age is???????

    15 plus can need parental consent lo . But I thought yr above 15 ? U can refer to there got all the info u need .
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    constipation after birth?

    I constipated for like 5days or so . Gynae gave me a type of medicine to aid the constipation .
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    Free download for MP3

    I download from as well .
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    I'm in deep S**T

    There's notices on the RC centre ( resident commitee ) at yr hdb block . Check for which day they have a meeting with MP . Seek financial help from there .
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    VBAC for twins is possible-I did it with no epidural!

    Congratulations ~
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    I'm in deep S**T

    Go to yr nearest MP and seek financial help . Tell them yr situation . They will consider every case and provide financially if yr eligible . At least some $ to tide you through .
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    which is more feasible, stroller or baby carrier?

    I have both but prefer stroller . Combi stroller . Light weighted and easily managable when alone .
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    Water bag breaks or contractions or both?

    Not really true , differs individually .
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    Water bag breaks or contractions or both?

    My 1st pregnancy , it started of with contractions then waterbag burst by gynae at 38 weeks . 2nd pregnancy , no contractions , no show , no bursting of waterbag . Nothing at all at 39 weeks . Hence , gynae decided to burst the waterbag for me .