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    Need recommendation for good Confinement Lady

    STAR Confinement Nanny Agency :)
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    EDD Apr 2015

    Need a good confinement nanny? PM me now :D
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    Any good chinese tutors?

    Hi mommies, im offering 1-1 tuition for primary 1 and primary 2 students, specialise in maths and Chinese. Any of your friends interested feel free to pm me for more information. Thanks!
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    EDD Feb & Mar 2015

    Any mommies looking for CNY confinement nannies? Very good nannies available! Pm me for more info!
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    EDD Jan 2015 Mummy

    Anybody need confinement nanny last min? PM me. Have a very good nanny available!
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    Home-based business for takeover (Babysitting agency)

    1.5yr old home-based business for takeover. Good potential business. List of good nannies + potential customers database. Letting go coz I have too many business at hand. Email me for more info.
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    Need recommendation for good Confinement Lady

    Anybody looking for last min confinement nannies? let me know.
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    EDD Feb & Mar 2015

    Well experienced CNY confinement nannies available. contact me pls.
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    Looking for one admin and one secretary

    Looking for one personal assistant and one secretary. Must have experience, diligent and have initiative. Good pay! Jobscope of PA: • Manage email correspondence. • Manage and maintain Director’s calendar/schedule. • Preparation of greeting cards to client. • Consolidate all tax invoices and...
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    Confinement Lady to hire and not to hire

    BEWARE OF CL THIS JENNIFER LEE HOW SOON Do not engage Jennifer Lee How Soon HP: 90196830 / +60167448713 (from malaysia confinement nanny) Very very greedy and irresponsible confinement nanny! VERY VERY GREEDY! Even shampoo want to ask customer to provide for her if not must bao bigger ang pow...
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    EDD Nov'14

    hi. A very popular n highly recommended confinement nanny available on 18th Nov onwards for 28days. Pm me if keen to engage her srvc!
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    EDD Nov'14

    Hi mommies, feel free to visit STAR Confinement NANNY Agencty - Where Motherhood Begins :)
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    Edd July 2014

    Anybody looking for confinement nannies?
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    EDD Nov'14

    Hi, pls feel free to visit our website at or facebook us
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    Edd june 2014

    Hi, pls feel free to visit our website at or facebook us