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    Crazy twin and a youngster

    Hmmm. Are you a fulltime mom? I am very hands-on with my kids and the same time running our small business. I don't really want to compare myself to you but this might at least help see or analyze if there's something wrong with you that you have to address. I do get stressed as well especially...
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    Latest Sunglasses Trend now

    I rarely go with the trends for eyeglasses. As long as it looks good and fits me, I'm gonna get it. But my faves are aviators and square size.
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    Do you cane/ spank your kids?

    I spank whenever I have to.
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    Any recomendation for growth of eye lashes?

    You can also try applying olive oil regularly. It promotes hair growth as well.
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    looking for a speech therapist (individual session)

    Hi. My daughter is also having some issues with speech. The main reason is that she has GDD. This is based on the diagnosis of a neurologist. Your pedia should first initiate the basic test then she or he will recommend your child to a neurologist. This is to identify the cause of the delay...
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    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    I saw it in google when I searched for parenting forum sites.