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    Birds nest concentrate - brands?

    im having my 2nd kid soon in Feb 2020! so been trying to use a lot of different bird nest recipes for pregnancy, mother and children (i have a 3 year old kid too) kinda excited for this new year! and happy to eat so much birdnest daily now! happy chinese new year everyone!
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    Wat u put on for make up??

    do u guys use make up brushes like this? Like all look so glittery nice, but is it good and soft on the skin and applies the foundation perfectly on face? i haven't put make up since giving birth to my son 2 years ago.... lol my old makeup brush and foundation can throw already, all so old and...
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    Post Natal Depression is Real

    not sure if i can help. I turn to ASMR to chill and relax. its watching youtube videos with sounds that make your spine tingles and a chiling sensation to relax. u can read abt this lady's write up on how ASMR helps with depression for those who want to understand what is ASMR and why
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    Employing maid

    what product is that? share more? i also read on this blogger on maid insurance broker in singapore u guys got get from ur maid agency one?
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    Any experience with foot peel masks? can share ur review?

    haih. been needing a foot spa badly for my painful feet. walking so much at work :(
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    Any experience with foot peel masks? can share ur review?

    yooo, new mummy here from singapore, was from houston, Texas in USA due to work. does anyone has experience with foot peel mask? i just read about soft touch foot peel mask reviews and i thought i wanna try some on my feet! been having blisters from heels. been curious to buy some foot peel...
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    low sperm count

    i bought before. it was selling in pharmacy, as in those authentic types. you can read more on blogger reviews of tongkat ali in singapore. gives ur hubby energy :) hope the review helps mummies here.
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    Anyone taking vitamin C during pregnancy?

    you can read this on all the benefits and reviews on vitamin c daily. i will say folic acid is good enough during pregnancy.
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    Trying To Conceive, let me help you! I experienced unconceive.

    oh can read this blog of tongkat ali reviews benefits and side effects written by singaporeans so i think more relevant to us also. asians body reacts differently compared to caucasians.
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    Anyone taking vitamin C during pregnancy?

    i do, i take natural vit c supplements, not those chemical man-made type
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    Trying To Conceive, let me help you! I experienced unconceive.

    i saw in another forum that tongkat ali sold in guardian. been looking out as trying for 2nd kid =)
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    Hair Salon Environment

    sit down and cut hair is okay right? i seen some hair stylist sitting down and cut very often. for the hair perm and colouring, i think best to ask someone to help u... no choice leh
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    Bird nest feathers are toxic, they cause Tuberculosis. Is that true ?

    i have a close friend who ask me eat a lot of white fungus instead of bird nest. it provides 70% of the benefits and nutrient of bird nest but its cheaper and much more healthier. i been eating white fungus a lot, though to be frank, i also eat bird nest if my mother in law cooks for me. :D
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    breast augmentation or enlargement in singapore

    hi hi! i will probably not do this... haha since i praying that my breasts will stay this enhanced size after my baby wean off breastfeeding! lol! but i am very curious about breast augmentation procedures. been reading up on double eyelids (i posted in another thread) so chanced upon some...
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    Hi ....Newly single mother here ....

    welcome to this forum. :) I mix with new friends from here too, visiting and have you joined any parents teachers association of the primary school? can make more friends too