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    scallops & small silver fish as porridge stock everyday

    fyi my son is 20 months and i only use one scallop, 20cents size for one meal of porridge.
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    Question on boarding bus with BB

    Sigh. I cannot help by saying. If 10 people says point A and u are the only one insisting on point b. Pls do some self reflection. ESP when one doesn't have the experience of taking care of baby yet. Maybe months down the road, read back this thread and think again. Thank you for attention...
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    Anyone keen to go mygym Singapore trial?

    Pls give reviews if u have visited mygym Singapore.
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    Anyone keen to go mygym Singapore trial?

    I am looking at parkway branch
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    Anyone keen to go mygym Singapore trial? More people join more discounts. Me keen to go for trial and sign up if good. My ds going cc next yr so wanna familiarize him with classes. Hope all mummies can join in the trail. If many keen I will call to check or trial. Their trail is...
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    how does ur toddler falls asleep at night

    Hi Chiro, I carry and feed him milk and pat him to zzz. i rock him a little to zzz too and put him down to zzz.. at good days, i just lay him down on bed after feed to zzz with patting and me lying beside him. i dun think letting him play til tired everyday is good becoz alaric will "han...
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    Baby hates porridge how

    I think also maybe it's the texture. I need to blend Alarics porridge so he willing to eat as he was having smooth cereal all the while. Try that!
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    hey, join us in the mummysg meet up session to mingle with the babies and mummies can chill and chit chat too... i am looking forward for the next session when i can catch all mummies too!
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    Can do flashcards also. I forgot to mention. For me, I also label house items and bring my ds around e house as I read the labels to him. Eg. Television, windows, clock, picture. Try dancing while carrying them as well. They love the movement and motion Enjoy!
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    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    None. Good enough if mummy spend time reading some books, singing some songs, playing peekapoo, tummy and crawling time, Gym time, hide and seek time, speech and drama time when mummy do all the drama. Spending time chatting and having great eye contact. I think if mummy can do the above...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    Dear Crescent, hang on there. U are already 30 wkd pregnant and it's important for you to stay positive. I was also not working from the day I found out I was preggie. I left due to the heavy commitment from my work. From then no more buying things for me and we both try our best to save...
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    To do or not to do MCU

    Normally after UTI it is advisable to do a MCU. My son went through it when he was about 7 months. I do not wish to worry thus doing it reassured that he is fine and there is no issue with the urinary tract.
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    How do you handle their tantrums?

    saw this from Toddler Tantrums: How to Handle Them - Toddler on The Stir by CafeMom We've all been there. A toddler is crying, screaming bloody murder, and maybe even thrashing around on the floor of a store. The mother is embarrassed and stressed, and she just wants it to stop. Right now...
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    How do you handle their tantrums?

    WOW camom really disciplinary mistress! Alaric loves sesame and wiggles now! that at least can keep him occupied while i cook dinner. The going home once they show tantrums really power! but i think i cannot make it as i will be very sad if my outing is ruined by Alaric and i will be angry...
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    How do you handle their tantrums?

    Still stuck with the tantrums with Pin? gosh i got a fews years more to suffer.... But i must say alaric is active like spirited u said.. i must be more optimistic like Ting! think that way life would be easier for all! :P