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    MIL is not happy cos i'm a clean freak

    I agree with pkshl, we cannot talk back to MIL but we can argue with our own mother, cos we need to respect her as MIL. My MIL also likes to gossip behind a person, eventho she very nice to that person…. I was totally shocked hearing her conversations.
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    Any good hydrating mask to recommend for acne skin?

    I been using SKII mask, it’s brilliant.
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    Anti M.I.L. CLUBB - we all know wads tat :p (Includes anything that ends with I.L.)

    Re: MIL and me My nightmare has just begin, she moved in with us since two weeks back & i started to suffer. GOSH
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    MIL is not happy cos i'm a clean freak

    Hi Snowbear, She complaint about me being too hygiene & strange thing is she also likes to complaint about my SIL for not cleaning up her room (cos she share room with my SIL). Ha ha ha not sure what she want.
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    MIL is not happy cos i'm a clean freak

    Hi Regina, I totally agreed with you, hygiene is so important esp to my little one. If I ask her to vacuum & mop the whole house, I think she will faint cos I stay in mansionate… keekeekee During my confinement I will get my mum to stay with me for 2 weeks cos my MIL doesn’t know how to shower...
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    MIL is not happy cos i'm a clean freak

    Hi, I'm now at my 39.3 weeks pregnant & I'm stilll able to do house chores by myself without any help fm hubby or SIL. I usually like to vacuum & mop the whole house alternate day just to keep the house clean. This morning I overheard her complaint to her friend that she can't stand me for...
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    Having too much cold drinks??

    I drink cold water almost everyday & my MIL keep nagging at me, she said cold drinks is not good for baby, is very bad for her lung. Errr.... not sure how true issit???
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    Which week did u give birth?

    Reginakoh, Wow... good ideal leh! Kekeke... will talk to her once she start kicking me.
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    3rd trimester can eat / drink pineapple?

    Hi, I eat pineapple during my 35 weeks & pineapple tarts during my 38 weeks.
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    Which week did u give birth?

    Hi Domique, Me & hubby can't wait to see & hug her, I think she refuse to face the world yet....kekeke :wong19:
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    Which week did u give birth?

    Hi, I'm currently at week 39 + 1 day & still waiting :07:
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    Great News

    10Q so much!!!!
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    Which steriliser should I buy?

    I'm planning to get Avent this coming weekend cos BabyCare 2009 at Expo is having discount.
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    Great News

    Hey, I'm interested. Email: Thanks.