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    hope to heard some advice...

    If ur hubby didnt tell u abt he's going to myanmmar with his company's friend only nxt mth until ur child tell u abt it. Wats ur reaction?
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    Luncheon Meat Cause Cancer

    April 22, 2005 A new study finds that heavy consumption of hot dogs, sausages and luncheon meats may increase the risk of in previous studies but the results were not as consistent as in the latest study. Results of the large multiethnic study were reported at the 96th Annual Meeting of the...
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    My Prince

    finally my prince keith arrive in 6th May,, sigh late a day..
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    Teenager Pregnency

    yup,, same too..but in our mum heart we r always young n around tis age we might still study n some more we r female of course they will worried we might 吃亏..but now we r bcame mum, slowly we will understand wat our mum think..
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    any single mother here?

    babylove hey dont be so silly relax as i understand how u feel, cos i have been through tis type of hurt n had decided to stand up to face the fact.. dont bcos of this type of man do this silly tis world althought without man,, also can survive n bring up the children..
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    Teenager Pregnency

    I think so ba as im also abit confused even im 21 tis year.. well althought im single mom too but for me, i felt that 50:50 ba cos it happen to tis way i think both male & female should be responsible for it.. err you r so scary dare to tear child skin off, luckily im not your daughter or else...
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    Pregnancy impairs memory: Australian study

    believe that...since i was preg, i'm realise i hv been more 4getful...
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    My 1st BABy Trever

    Congrat to u, your bb wanna to collect Ang Bao hehe..
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    May MTB 2008

    Hi smurferoos anyway young children at this stage they usually like to play around and get interest to anything that caught in there long as they dont get near to the dangerous place or try to sallow any small thing to ther mouth will do..... don't be too stressful or throw temper of...
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    Aug 2008 MTB

    HI doramon sorry for late reply, wow so nice... hope your bb will born on the same day as my birthday....hehe
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    single mums!

    errrm, if didnt really marry them than no need... heard from some of my muslim friends say...just ignore it lol so mah fan....
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    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    wrote a full page of names but don't know which one to give..:o15:
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    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    maybe just get more boyish clothes hehe, so pple will not think the bb is a girl;).. by the way have you'll already got ideas what name to give your bb?
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    is it ok to eat noodles during pregnancy?

    i oso noodle fan but i think is due to msg ba, maybe just eat less ba...
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    Aug 2008 MTB

    Congrat to you got preg and Happy New Year too..