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    between my daughter & him

    I feel sorry for you but More for your daughter, she has lost a father figure and now you're not putting her as 1st priority. to be truthful, after becoming a mom myself i can't help but put my children first.. Their happiness and well being is the most important for me. But of course secondly I...
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    BF babies are smaller & lighter

    It's not the kilos that matters most but important they are healthy. My son always on 95th percentile while my girl on the 25th. It worries me a lot at first but my girl is healthy so I stop worrying. Only after she started on solid and after her first birthday she managed to be on 50th percentile
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    Hubby that cares for himself only

    Was he like that when u guys still dating? My hub sometimes goes through a period of being sarcastic heck-care-everything-else attitude, but it usually last 1 week. It's work related stuff. But I know my hubby well, he's very caring and helpful and wonderful father so after awhile I will talk to...
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    Hubby that cares for himself only

    Sometimes my hubby get too comfy with helper too, sometimes ordered her to change/bathe the kids but I will remind him afterwards(not in front of helper of course) that we had agreement that he should do his part when he came home for the kids and leave the helper to do housework. So yeah, men...
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    Pregnant, in dilema and may loose my job

    I think I read in MOM guidelines somewhere that a company is not allowed to fire you just because you are pregnant. For time being just try to secure a place in a different department, you won't be showing til like 5 months pregnant if its your first. So don't tell anyone about the pregnancy...
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    Hubby that cares for himself only

    Hi, sorry to hear about your situation. firstly, does your hubby not like children from the start? After you get married did both of you planned on having babies? I heard similar situation with couples who have children from "accident" or those had children without mutual agreement e.g wife...
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    How to wean?

    I started to intro him formula since i found out about 2nd pregnancy. So what i did is before i bf i feed him formula so he's full and suckle less. He normally suckle 10-30min, but since he had some formula he only suckle about 10-15min so my bf eventually reduced. But introducing formula is...
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    How to wean?

    Just to share.. Im still bf-ing my daugther who is 18mth old, and honestly i love doing it. I only did for 16mth with dear son and he wean himself off when DD was 4 mth along in my tummy. So i would like to bf until she 2.5-3 yr old. And i did get comments from relatives or friends that shes too...
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    CNY Ang Pow!

    Bumping the thread... Care to share the market rate?
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    Cleaning the female genital

    Im also using kodomo soap to wash when she poopoo, i did wash the genitals cos im afraid she could get urinary track infection from bacterias in the poo. As long as we do it gently i dont think would hurt. I even spread her legs to wash and pat dry.
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    What should i do .. i feeling of dieing

    Hi, you need to learn to love yourself instead of wasting time loving your worthless hubby. Even you family ask you to divorce him, its because your family love and feel for you. So you gotta put a stop to your misery and love yourself, move on, start a new chapter and you might find other...
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    How much do you spend on groceries per month?

    My family consist of me, hubby, 2 kids and a maid. My groceries budget: 120 son milk powder 120 diapers 160 kids food -i cook separately for my kids and use organic or better ingredients. 400 adults food and household necessities, we eat all meals at home on weekdays.
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    What do you do when you are unhappy/sad?

    Few things i do when im upset. When upset with hubby, i ignore him and look at my kids faces, play, tickle, kiss, hug my kids. when i got moodswing i eat chocolate or take a long shower and sing when im worried sick or anxious i talk to my very-positive-hubby when im not happy bacause im tired...
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    Affairs wif MARRIED MAN

    My mum's bestfriend is someone's mistress, and she only had that 1 man. I'm not sure yet to agree or not but again its her life, her choice and she didnt influence or harm my mom or anyone. Really when i said ANYONE it includes the man's wife, the wife knows her as the husbands business...
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    should I give fm?

    Just to share my personal experience, for both my kids i supplement with fm for the first month, i latched them as much as i can but when i nap(once a day) i give fm so he sleeps about 3hrs and i can rest. Then night time i sleep at 11 till morning 6am so night feed i use fm and hubby feeds my...