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  • Hi there,

    Total for all items will be $45 inclusive of normal local postage, actually i have a small bag of pre-loved mittens and booties and a few pcs of clothes for baby boy, if you want I can give it to you too, thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Ur private message inbox is full..
    Thank you for your interest.
    Please email or call me should you wanna find out more about our studio maternity portrait.
    jessie@thepufferfish.com 90097478

    You may view our work at Pufferfish Portrait :: Maternity Portrait, Baby portrait, Family portrait.
    We just shot 6 preggie mums on a same day recently, very exciting. Hope we can help you to record this beautiful moments too.

    i hv alot if baby boy's clothing, swaddles, booties,mittens all in tip top condition n branded from mothercare, i have lotsa baby sleepsuits fr mothercare, some bn unopened as well...my bb is 4mths old, so clearing them, third child. if u are interested, u might want to drop by n choose. can sell all as bundle or $2-$3 per piece. staying at bukit timah, toh yi drive.
    u can sent to ica_feedback@ica.gov.sg cc to kng_eng_kiat@ica.gov.sg

    tell them ur situation. u married to singaporean, holding work permit, preg, ur child will born n be singaporean, boy or girl(if know gender d, of cox they prefer boy la), due date is when etc... talk nicely ask them pls to approve ur PR..

    btw, make sure u have legal married prove.. not sure wat is the mean of illegal, but read from somewhere, seems got rules one, then the ppl no follow, then bla bla..
    Singapore Expats Forum - View topic - Married a Work Permit Holder

    i didnt go to detail (in office), but u may go to read see wat they discussing...

    hope tis helps..
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