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  • Hi is the working clothes still available? I'm staying at admiralty. ur inbox is full thus I can't pm u
    Same here not planning for number 2 yet...

    U still working at city hall? Me at raffles place hehe

    I have met up with two mummies from the forum and they are a gem hehe.. We chat once in a while on whatsapp... They were very caring n encouraging to me ESP when my casts were removed ( I fell down n fracture both legs a few mths ago
    hi - of course i hope to hv #2 but there is no one to take care of them. im not a supporter of infant care, child care. sigh - if big sweep 1st prize calls for me, i will change my plans :) we should meet up one day. i hven seen anyone i hv chatted on this forum :)
    hi hi..yup...its been almost a year now..

    me still nuring that joker..at night..gradually weaning him off (hopefully))

    he is ok..but i really wish he was a new born...how abt u..planning for 2nd one?
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